A Guide to Choosing the Right Battery for Your Pulsar 150

Summary – Planning to buy a new motorcycle battery? Read this post before purchasing for the best results.

Over the years, motorcycle technology in India has gone through a series of advancements. Motorcycles these days rely heavily on their onboard battery so that onboard electrical components work properly. This means that if the OEM battery on the bike needs to be replaced urgently, do not delay.

However, you should also refrain from hastily buying a battery for your beloved Pulsar 150. For the best results, you should always buy a battery for your motorcycle based on the tips mentioned below.

Buying a replacement battery that has the same specifications as the OEM battery is recommended

A vast majority of motorcycle owners do not know this, but there are five types of motorcycle batteries.

They are mentioned below –

  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries
  • Gel batteries
  • Pure Lead batteries
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Polymer batteries an
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.

Each battery type has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Motorcycle owners need to consult their bike’s manual for the best results. This step will allow them to choose the exact battery quickly they would need to buy.

It is best to ensure the replacement battery has the same power rating as the OEM battery

Ensure the replacement motorcycle battery you buy has the same specifications as the OEM battery.

For example, the power rating of the replacement battery should be the same as the OEM battery. If the power rating of the replacement battery is not the same as the OEM battery, the bike might not function properly. The reason is simple. These days, like the latest generation of Pulsar bikes, motorcycles come with power hunger electronics. The motorcycle needs a steady source of standalone power supply- the battery to run this electronic onboard equipment. Hence, the replacement battery’s power rating should meet the unique requirements of the motorcycle.

You must ensure that the replacement battery is compatible with your motorcycle

It is best to ensure that the replacement battery is compatible with the motorcycle. Here compatibility indicates whether the dimensions of the battery will let it fit in the battery compartment of the bike.

If that is not the case, you might need to alter the battery compartment of your motorcycle. Everyone knows that once modifications are made to a vehicle, its manufacturer will nullify the warranty on the same. To keep these problems at bay, make sure that the replacement battery fits in the battery compartment.

The replacement battery should be spill-proof and have a suitable polarity rating

Also, remember that the replacement battery should be spill-proof. A spill-proof battery will ensure that if, for some reason, the bike tips excessively, its battery is not compromised.

It is also best to ensure that the replacement battery has a suitable polarity rating. If the replacement battery doesn’t have a suitable polarity rating, you might need to change the OEM connectors. You might also need to look for long or short cables to hook up the new battery.

You must only buy a replacement battery that is manufactured by a reputed brand

Finally, you must always make sure that the replacement battery for the motorcycle is made by a reputed brand. Do thorough research to find out whether the replacement battery brand is trustworthy. The best way to learn about a brand is to look at genuine customer reviews online. You can then research the overall brand by visiting its official website. You can also look at the clientele of the brand and the overall track record it has. Refraining from buying a replacement motorcycle battery made by a new brand is recommended for the best results.