The Best Weekend getaways in Bangalore

The Best Weekend getaways in Bangalore


Banglore is known as the IT center of India and the city’s buildings, skyscrapers monuments, the man-made gardens. The city is brimming with traffic, crowds, and noisy crowds. Despite all the amenities that the city offers but we still need to discover our inner peace and nourish our souls. If you’re looking to take a break and spend the weekend in a tranquil location away far from the bustling, hectic lifestyle of Bangalore and forget all anxieties. Are you looking to take an adventure away from the routine? There are many ways to escape from the city of Bangalore.


Chikmagalur, Nandi hills, Mysore, Janakpuri, Coorg, ramanagra, Dandeli, Wayanad, and Ooty are just a few destinations to get away from Bangalore.


Nandi hills

Nandi hills are located just 61 kilometers from Bangalore. It is situated at 1478 meters. Nandni hills have a panorama view. Watching the sunrise from the top, the spectacular panorama, and the stunning beauty of the location is truly amazing. It’s the perfect place to enjoy your weekend. Tipu Sultan Fort is a popular tourist attraction.



It is located 69km away from Bangalore It is a well-known camping area that will surely be affordable. Have fun and make your next weekend an adventure in kanakapura. You can do swimming, trekking, and canoeing in kanakapura. The trek to kabbaladurga is awe-inspiring. The scenery is full of nature. The months of October through April are the ideal time to camp in kanakapura.



The city is 267 km away from Bangalore. The misty, smoky atmosphere is home to a multitude of streams and hills. Coorg has known for its culture as well as its luxury and the thrill of adventure. Enjoy the aroma of coffee in the morning, as Coorg is renowned for its coffee. Coorg is awe-inspiring with stunning landscapes and luxury. The city is also famous for its crafts and art The hospitality offered by the people is truly generous. You can hike through the forest to Madikeri fort. If you’re an explorer, foodie, or adventurer, Coorg is indeed a perfect destination. Coorg offers luxurious resorts to stay in.



situated 49 kilometers away from Bangalore. There is nothing like camping in Ramanagara located in the stunning views that stretch beyond the skies Camping in picturesque areas, away from the urban bustle is the ideal getaway on weekends. There is nothing that can match the beauty of this location. It’s a place ideal for the adventurer. There’s no luxury in ramanagara. The months of March through May are the ideal time to camp in ramanagara. Also, you can visit Chunchi Falls.



located just 250 kilometers located 250 km away from Bangalore situated 250 km away from Bangalore at an altitude of 3440 feet. Chikamagalur is the coffee area of Karnataka. Visitors from all over the world go to these coffee farms. Chikmagalur is home to many waterfalls. Chikmagalur is also known for its hiking places. The trek up to Kudremukh peak, which is the third-highest peak in Karnataka can provide you with a thrilling weekend. There are numerous big temples. The lush greenery of Chikmagalur is stunning considering that it is situated in the middle of the western ghats.



situated 274 kilometers from Bangalore. From exploring the lush paradise gardens to observing the different cultures to drinking Tea in the plantations of tea. Ooty is perhaps the most natural and simple gift nature has to offer. It was the capital city of the summer of the state under British rule. Ooty has been a major tourist place since independence. The beautiful surroundings and the breathtaking views are truly breathtaking. There are numerous species of birds in Ooty and even beasts. Ooty is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The ecosystem is delicate in the king of hills. The rose garden and the botanical gardens are enchanting. Enjoy your time at one of the most beautiful places in the south of India.


Skandagiri sunrise trek

It is located 62 kilometers away from Bangalore. The best spot to wanderlust and to see the sunrise from a height of 1450 meters. It is a must in your list of places to go for your weekend getaway. Campsites in Skandagiri are truly memorable experiences. The distance is 8 km and will take approximately 12 hours. November to March is the best time to go on a trek in Skanda Giri. There are a variety of hotels in Sandagiri to stay in.


Best jungle resort near Bangalore


Serai Kabini is a beautiful place to stay. Serai Kabini is located 154 kilometers away from Bangalore located on the banks of the river Kabini. The peaceful beauty of nature will fill your spirit. The expectations of all kinds are met at this resort. The wildlife sanctuary is home to numerous species of animals that are spotted in the wild throughout the resort.

Waterfront verandahs and waterfront villas are two popular accommodation options. A massage at the Spa is one of the most memorable experiences in the forests. The 4-star resort is in the ideal location for wildlife viewing. They have spacious air-conditioned rooms. The pool is stunning. It’s one of the most luxurious resorts for a weekend.

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