Newchip Reviews – How Newchip Provided Aid To Active Place To Enable Them To Accumulate 1.9 Million Dollars

Newchip Reviews

Newchip Reviews – Due to advances in current technology, businesses are constantly coming up with new ways to persuade customers to purchase their goods. Young businesses have a lower success rate due to higher competition. Accelerator programmes might be effective in some circumstances. The focus and price of every accelerated program vary.

Newchip Reviews – Covid-19 serves as an illustration. After the restrictions on Covid-19 were removed, additional companies opened up, and growth began to pick up again. New businesses delayed launching because of the outbreak, which caused many long-standing businesses to start having trouble. But as the constraints have been eased and the demand for almost all goods is rising once more, more and more business entrepreneurs are stepping forward to use their prior assets and resources to launch their firms.

Newchip Reviews – What Exactly Carries Out Newchip Role As An Accelerator, And What Does An Accelerator Do?

Newchip Reviews – Accelerator programs act as online “schools” for budding business owners, providing them with all the information and skills required to make their companies successful.

Newchip Reviews – Newchip is just another accelerator program for all practical purposes. Most review sources, including their own, give Newchip a rating of at least 4.3, which is average overall. In contrast, some critical assessments assert that because of the high costs, it is “not worth it,” The reviews are overwhelmingly favourable. As of the writing of this article, there were 3.6 reviews of Newchip on Trustpilot. Newchip replies promptly to negative comments before they turn into a big issue. Not only does it help their reputation, but it also ensures the unsatisfied client that Newchip is here to listen to their problems and solve them.

In addition to the three curriculum options, Newchip also provides master sessions as a part of its accelerator program. Newchip has benefited them by assisting other businesses in growing their sales.

Newchip Reviews – Let’s Quickly Review The Courses Newchip Offers Before Delving Into The Details:

The Three Study Groups That Make Up The Newchip Educational System Are As Follows:

  1. The Pre-Seed Accelerator Program.
  2. The Series Seed Accelerator Program.
  3. The Series A Accelerator Program.

Each of these initiatives has a different goal in mind.

Newchip Reviews – Pre-Seed Program:

Every program has a certain objective. Before a company joins the Pre-Seed program, its revenue must increase by $1 million, which goes above and beyond that requirement. A company’s annual revenues of $3 million through the Series Seed program are routinely increased. A company’s sales can increase by at least $10 million with the help of the Series A program.

Newchip Reviews – Master workshops are another service offered to customers by Newchip. Presentations make up the majority of this type of master session. The firm owners themselves prepared the PowerPoint presentations for the presentations, which highlighted the operations, issues, prospective remedies, marketing goals, and other crucial information.

The “instructor” in master seminars critiques the presentations of the “students” and offers ideas for improvement.

To ensure that the firm succeeds, Newchip enables business owners to sustain and learn the knowledge they need for less than $7,000 overall.

Active Place’s Review on Newchip’s Accelerator Program:

As of Apr 22nd, 2022, Damian, the CEO and Co-Founder of Active Place, has mentioned that Active Place has already accumulated 1.9 million dollars.

Active Place is essentially a “Web 3.0 platform that gamifies sporting events, where you race to earn prize money and digital NFT medals.”

Since Active Place is a virtual business with staff members worldwide, the main aspect that attracted them to Newchip was that Newchip itself was an online seminar held online sessions. The next captivating aspect about Newchip is something most entrepreneurs appreciate about Newchip; Newchip does not take a part of equity from the entrepreneur while offering their services. Damian does not only mention the support and guidance Newchip has given and presented forth to the business but also the platform it has allowed the business to climb upon. The platform to meet investors. In modern times, building a relationship with an investor holds utmost importance because it not only helps in the short-run but also in the long run


Newchip Reviews – Before the end of his review, Damian mentions that Newchip has provided guidance and support and helped in the progress and development of Active Place as a company. In addition, the support and guidance Newchip has provided to Active Place has also aided Active Place with its pitching and business plans.

Throughout the review, it is not difficult to process the fact that Damian and Active Place did indeed benefit from the Newchip accelerator program. No matter how niche or large the business is, 1.9 Million Dollars as a whole is not a small sum.

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