Checklist on Labor Laws Compliance

Labor Laws

Labor Laws Compliance – Compliance concerning labor laws is considered to be a series of accepted employment-related conditions or terms. It relates to numerous regulatory compliances like the workmen’s compensation act, minimum wages, factories act, contract labor act, etc. It is tough to run a business in India. Moreover, the company must meet several statutory compliance requirements set by law. Several Acts and Laws are enacted that businesses are to comply with sincerely. Otherwise, they will have to face punitive actions.

Labor Law Checklist

Labor laws compliance is an absolute must. It is best done by preparing a thorough checklist. Each item mentioned in this list must be ticked off monthly by a specially assigned person. To ensure compliance, you may use reliable HR automation software available in the market. A compliance list needs to be prepared by different types of businesses based on their operational sphere. You may take the help of a specialist to get assistance preparing the compliance checklist.

Labor Law – What Does It Look Like?

Generally, it appears in the format given below. The learned Labor Law Consultant in USA can help prepare it quickly.

  1. Building & Construction Workers Welfare 1996 Cess Act. Within thirty days of project completion, one percent of the total project cost must be submitted in demand draft form.
  2. Also, Form One must be submitted thirty days before work is commenced. Also is to be submitted Form One within 60 days of work commencement.

1948 Factories Act:

  1. Annexure in form one is to be completed once the construction project is completed.
  2. One factor building plans get approved, and Form Two is to be submitted.
  3. Work commencement will require the submission of Form One.
  4. Once work has begun, Form VIB is to be submitted.
  5. Once construction begins, forms A and B need to be submitted.
  6. 1948 ESIC – Form 01 is to be submitted during work commencement.
  7. EPFMPA 1952 – Coverage proforma is to be submitted on work commencement besides form filling and monthly deductions.

Labor – Other Laws To Abide:

There prevails other law that requires preparing a labor Legal Compliance checklist. They include the Professional tax act, Shop, and Commercial Establishment Act, 1948 Minimum Wages Act, Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1976 Equal Remuneration Act, 1972 Gratuity Payment Act, and 1965 Bonus Payment Act. When prepared, a calendar-type checklist can help HR employees ensure labor compliance without fail. There are many things to be done like TDS, EPF, ESI deductions, Quarterly income tax, etc.

Adhering To The Set Laws:

The fact is that tracking all essential compliances is not an easy task, especially for the already overburdened HR manager. Certain Laws and Acts apply only in specific conditions like certain pay limits or a number of employees. The checklist should clearly reflect recently introduced amendments. Such changes should be incorporated in returns and filings.

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