PR Awards – How To Write A Winning PR Award Entry: Tips & Tricks

PR Awards

PR Awards – Winning accolades is a powerful strategy for luring and keeping customers. Award-winning work grabs attention, elevates your team, and attracts talented individuals who want to work for and with you.

Here Are Our Top Seven Suggestions For Increasing Your Entry’s Likelihood of Receiving A Favorable Evaluation From The Panel of Judges:

Choose The Appropriate Campaigns:

Concentrate on work that is timely, inventive, creative, and difficult and has a large, bold idea at its core. Is the campaign a success, be honest? Is it unique and top-notch PR? Are you still enthusiastic enough about what you accomplished to clearly convey its genius? If not, why did the judges choose the entry for shortlisting?

Read The Qualifications:

Adhere to the standards. Observe the guidelines. Observe the due date. Don’t undervalue the amount of time it takes to compile an entry. Launch early. Add the time needed for client approval.

Give your finest writer the task. If the new business director is unable to write, do not have the agency marketing/new business/director write the entry! Tell a compelling tale to the judges. Observe your grammar and spelling. Steer clear of exclamation points; flannel, waffle, and marketing speak. Proof again and again that there are no typos.

Organize your thoughts into a tale that is clear and succinct. Each category has dozens of entries that the judges must evaluate. They won’t be able to read between the lines, so make sure yours clearly explains why it has the X-factor. Give them enough information about the market, industry, and actual world to assist them to realize the necessity of the campaign. Do not hold back praise for the client team and do not be humble.

Describe Your Quantifiable Business And Communication Goals:

Make sure the outcomes section provides evidence that each goal was attained. Include as much assessment information and proof as you can of how the campaign affected the client organization or business, from improved levels of audience engagement to increased revenue. Use AVEs sparingly and don’t rely only on media measurement.

Make An Emotional or Human Connection With The Judges:

If you look long and hard enough, there is one in every campaign. Whether the campaign was successful is irrelevant. What did it actually signify? Whose life was affected by it? Whose life was it a part of? Many winning entries cause some sort of emotional response; in fact, some of the stories are so moving that they make people cry. In the jury room, it wouldn’t seem nice, but it would be evidence that your work was interesting and significant.

PR Awards – Recall The Winning Combination:

Strong narrative combined with defined objectives that are linked to results that have been seen to work. You’ll be well on your way to collecting an armful of shiny gongs, assuming your campaign was successfully designed and implemented in the first place.

The question that arises is, are PR Awards worth the effort? And to answer that question;

Here Are 5 Reasons You Need To Strive To Win The PR Awards

Reason #1: PR Awards – They Quickly Establish Credibility:

We are all guilty of skimming through a lot of material to get the few jewels we need since our attention spans are getting shorter in the face of so much internet information. It is the same for a prospective client who is looking into PR(PR Awards) firms. An award-winning PR firm will stick out from the competition.

We can’t help but instantly link an award with a well-known company that has expertise in its field and perhaps a sizable network of peers. Additionally, we respect the praise more when it comes from a third party that has recognized the effort of a company. In the end, it promotes agency credibility.

PR Awards – Once you’ve won a PR Award, you should prominently display it on all of your marketing collateral. Include it in the “About Us” section of your website and include the awards logo on your homepage. Add it to the agency introduction section of bids and capability decks as well.

Reason No. 2: You Can Thank A Teammate:

Informing a team member that you believe their agency work is award-worthy is one of the greatest ways to show your appreciation for their dedication. Can you recall a time when you were a brand-new PR(PR Awards) account executive on the rise and your supervisor appreciated your efforts? It feels great. In order to nominate one or more of your team members for an award, keep an eye out for opportunities to do so. Some agency and campaign prizes might be individual-based.

Then make a huge deal out of it! Invite the team member to a special meeting or lunch and let them know you want to recommend them for an upcoming award because you believe their work is deserving of praise. Give them all the information on the prize, and inform them of the benefits they will receive if they win. Some people consider this acknowledgment from their boss to be an honor in and of itself!

Reason # 3: PR Awards – The Companion Events Are Excellent For Networking:

PR Awards – Owners of PR firms frequently view other firm owners simply as rivals. This is a serious error. They ought to be seen as possible partners as well. Why? Because other agencies might have to decline a job if their workload is too heavy or the customer doesn’t suit their particular sector expertise. This is the perfect time to let other organizations know about your business and your outstanding job.

They won’t have any trouble mentioning that you run a reliable firm with good credentials in public relations. Utilize the PR awards procedure to stand out from the competition. You may learn more about these organizations on the awards website and during award ceremonies, where you also get the chance to network with them all in one location.

Reason # 4: Your Client Benefits as Well:

PR Awards – A campaign award also benefits the client who submitted it. They already know you ran a productive PR campaign for them, and other PR experts concurred! By letting them know you’ve applied for the campaign, you may involve your customer in the process. Remember to emphasize how your team was involved in the campaign as well. Agencies work closely with the internal marketing teams of their clients.

Maintain your client in the limelight as well as you receive that honor and begin to highlight it on websites like your own. The announcement or case study should provide links to their website. Then, send a press release outlining the client’s business difficulty, the subsequent campaign, and the award victory to relevant editors using a PR(PR Awards) database like Prowly. This can lead to more PR attention for you and your client.

Reason #5: PR Awards – You’ll Be Able To See Your Progress:

PR Awards – PR requires a lot of effort. You devote hours each day to writing, pitching, and planning for your clients. Your consistent daily and weekly efforts finally result in our favorite PR professionals’ news: that a journalist wants to write about your client! It’s crucial that you give yourself some time to reflect on everything you’ve done over the last year, just like with all the hard work you put into your life.

By submitting an application for a PR award(PR Awards), you may set aside some time each year to browse through your client and campaign portfolio and appreciate the job you and your team have accomplished. Whether or not you receive an award, the fact remains that you will have taken the time to reflect on your previous year’s work and recognize what you have accomplished and learned.

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