Do you have to be an accountant to file your own taxes?

Many people’s financial situations variate differently every year. You don’t have to be an accountant to file your own taxes. The real question should you do your own taxes or get an accounting service in Dallas like MyTaxTeamWe are one of the best CPAs in Dallas working for our organization.

Ways to prepare and file your taxes:

Do your taxes yourself with tax software or with the help of the IRS website:

IRS doesn’t take any money from you in order to file taxes. If you have a great knowledge of tax, which many people don’t have, you can print out and mail your paperwork or even request paper forms in the mail. Additionally, you don’t have to be an accountant to file taxes. However, IRS also suggests that you should use online filings. Similarly, direct taxpayers who have income up to $73,000 should use the free filing portal. It has a list of the best CPAs in Dallas

On the other hand, if you don’t have a straight income and are self-employed or in the middle of complicated investments, you may need to get an accounting service in Dallas that can range from $25 to $100 or even more for state and federal filing.

Get accounting services in Dallas to do your bidding.

The professionals who can help you in these situations are enrolled IRS agents, CPAs, tax lawyers, and organizations like MyTaxTeam. The fees of tax preparers start from $100 and differentiate according to where you live and how complex the situation is. On the other accountants can charge twice that money in the same scenarios. According to a study, the average fee for preparing and filing a tax return is $216. So should you do it yourself or get an accounting service in Dallas to do your bidding? For many people, it is not about money. It is the situation that they are most comfortable with. 

Do the taxes by yourself if:

Taxes are not a thing that should be done with half focus. You should be totally in it. Your total focus and attentiveness should be towards tax filing and following the instruction accordingly. According to IRS, a person spends seven hours doing their taxes, and if your business, keep in mind you might be doing your taxes for 20 hours.

A straightforward scenario:

If you have a straightforward tax scenario, there are no dependents, no investments other than retirement accounts, and no big assets or charitable work. You can use any tax preparation and get your taxes done.


If you are a business owner, self-employed, and feel easy when doing taxes. Business income adds extra work when preparing and filing the tax return. If you have done business taxes before and want to save by not getting accounting service in Dallas. There is plenty of tax software that can help you with your requirements.

Want control:

 You feel easy when pressing that submits button and want full control over the money. Additionally, taxes are a big deal. If you feel comfortable navigating the software and even looking up questions on the IRS website and fixing your mistakes doesn’t make you angry, then it would be ok to do your taxes.

Hire the best CPA in Dallas:

Don’t have the time and the patience:

You should never do taxes if you are too stuffed with work or have other significant tasks that must be performed. If your time is more valuable than doing taxes. As a result, outsourcing your taxes would be great rather than doing taxes quickly and making mistakes.

Complicated situation:

If you have complex situations like having dependants, multiple investments, big assets, or owing a business. Almost every financial transaction comes with tax possibilities. Hence if there are a lot of transactions, that means a lot of things must be considered accordingly. As a result, people who are self-employed, do free lancing, and have a business should get accounting services in Dallas to help them out.

Itemizing your deductions:

Since the Job Act, Tax Cuts have increased the standard deduction, and fewer and fewer filers are itemizing their deductions. However, if you have major medical costs, a mortgage, and make a big charitable donation along with many other factors. There are chances you might save money by itemizing your deductions rather than getting a standard deduction. But itemizing can be tricky. Our best CPAs in Dallas can help you with this task.

MyTaxTeam has done taxes for many businesses, from small to big corporates. Our team of CPAs is quite professional and has years of experience. Our accounting services in Dallas are exceptional.

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