Tried might utilize the Godox SA-17 fresnel with a studio streak?

Whenever Godox AD600BM Unboxing declared they were delivering a Bowen’s connector for the SA-P projection connection, I was very energized since I had been searching for a top-notch gobo projector.

In any case, my energy didn’t keep going extremely lengthy when Godox expressed that the SA-17 was just viable with their (Bowens-mount) Drove lights. I needed to utilize it with studio streaks, so for my common reason authoritatively, the connector was not appropriate. In any case, since Godox didn’t give an express explanation, I started to ask why. As obstinate as I sometimes am, I was unable to rest until I knew why Godox didn’t permit the SA-17 to be utilized with strobes. I needed to comprehend, so I got one myself.

Will or can you not utilize the SA-17 with strobes?

Here is a short recap for those curious about these items Godox AD600BM Unboxing. The SA-P is a gobo projector intended for the Godox S30. It got very some acclaim since the optical quality is excellent. At the same time, the cost is still very reasonable, as has been the situation for the overwhelming majority of items that Godox has been delivering as of late. Since the SA-P was initially intended to be utilized with the S30, it couldn’t be used with different lights. The SA-17 changes this. A connector connects the morning with the Bowens mount and the SA-P projector.

 Official proclamation

Godox’s actual site expressed that this item should just be utilized with Bowens-mount Drove lights. Likewise, Godox records similarity with ceaseless lights in different areas, so a variant for strobes “will be thought about.” Even a few retailers express that the mixture Drove strobe FV150/FV200 ought not to be continuously utilized in streak mode.

In the remainder of the article, we will disregard this official assertion, yet kindly watch out. Ignoring maker suggestions isn’t something we encourage at LightingRumours since it possibly can hurt you and your gear (and, in any event, void your guarantee).

Down-to-earth tests

The initial feelings in the wake of unpacking the SA-17 were confidence. As you can see in the photographs inside the connector, we track down an empty intelligent cylinder with off-white glass toward one side. I will suppose that Godox incorporated the off-white glass to make the light source more uniform and get a more consistent projection result like this. Know that the iridescent glass will affect the general productivity of the projector. A 30-watt Bowens Drove light will give dimmer outcomes than when the SA-P connection is straightforwardly utilized on the S30 morning.

While attempting to mount the connector on specific strobes, the principal limit becomes obvious. This is the space accessible inside the connector: not all flash tubes fit inside the empty cylinder. The AD600 Expert and AD1200 Ace have a large glass vault on the front, which keeps the SA-17 from mounting on these strobes. Since the AD200, AD300, AD400 (with Bowen’s connector), and ordinary AD600 utilize more modest flash tubes, they do fit (for the AD200/AD300, I tried it with the Promotion S2 section).

  • AD200 (with Promotion S2): fits
  • AD200 Genius (with Promotion S2): fits
  • AD300 Genius (with Promotion S2): fits
  • AD400 Genius (Bowen’s connector): fits
  • AD600: fits
  • AD600 Genius: doesn’t fit
  • AD1200 Genius: doesn’t fit

In the wake of shooting some test shots with the SA-17 appended to the AD600, I likewise noticed that the subsequent light example made by the SA-P was excellent Godox AD600BM Unboxing.

At the point when I eliminate the SA-17 connector, I understand a specific something. The empty cylinder encases the flashbulb with no opportunities for airflow. While for two or three shots, this probably won’t be a huge issue, I can positively envision that for additional photos getting extremely warm inside, there is going.

Intensity can be a significant issue for flash tubes. They break on the off chance that they get boiling. While the vast majority of strobes from Godox have overheating security, this temperature isn’t estimated on the flash tube itself. The sensor is situated inside the body of the blaze and wouldn’t distinguish, assuming there is no airflow around the glimmer tube.

For Drove lights, the local wind current isn’t an issue since Drove lights are cooled from the rear of the chip, not from the front. I don’t have the foggiest idea how effectively an AD600, for example, would begin to overheat. Be that as it may, I can envision that it will get pretty hot in the connector after rehashing the full power dump.


Even though Godox doesn’t show it as viable, the SA-17 can be utilized for specific strobes, not all, and come by satisfying outcomes. While the connector could be in great shape for particular strobes, a few different contemplations must be considered. The SA-17 blocks airflow, and this might prompt an overheating streak tube. I think with this acknowledgment, we comprehend why Godox just rundown Bowens Drove lights as viable. Godox would rather not face any challenge and be answerable for individuals who overheat their flash tubes.

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