How AI Is Changing the Way Students Learn

How AI Is Changing the Way Students Learn


You missed your class, and now you must study independently.

You missed a test and cannot secure an A1 grade in a particular subject.
You often have been in panicked situations where you feel inadequate, right?

Fortunately, the emergence of technology and AI in the educational sector has reduced the chances of such distressful situations.

If the question, How Is AI Changing the Way Students Learn? Still strikes your mind; you must not have experienced 2020. Even though technology has been emerging in the technical world for a long time, the coronavirus outbreak is one of the most prominent examples of this. The time when around 1.2 billion students were out of classrooms, the online learning facility took over the educational sector. Making E-Learning, the new normal, 75% of students participated in at least one online program during the pandemic.

Let’s go into the depth of AI emergence in the educational field.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Way Students Learn

Matches student’s pace

Remember the time when you hadn’t finished copying the notes, but the teacher rubbed the board? How irritating was that, right? This is where technology stepped in. You can now click a snap of the board and copy the remaining work later. This is not it. If you are tired of writing, you can read the notes out loud to the voice detector. It will detect your voice and type the words you are saying. Make sure you don’t speak loudly, or else it will disturb the class.

Plus, the printers and scanners are also there to help you. Take your mate’s notes and scan them or take a picture of the provided notes and print them. No matter what your writing or typing speed is, the AI has the facilities to match every student’s pace perfectly.


By the end of 2025, the global education technology market could reach $404 billion. The growth of e-learning is increasing by each passing day, changing the way students learn. Earlier, when we used to get the assignments, having no friends to help and no time to study landed us in a problematic situations. But now, when everything is available online, we just Google the things and Boom, an informative essay is ready.

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AI-powered apps:

There was a time when we used to learn what the teacher taught us. Having no choice of time slot, no choice of courses and plus fixed timing of tests place a limit on student’s movability. If a student gets into any family emergency, or something important enough to leave the class, he has to pay the penalty for that.

This is when Artificial intelligence steps into the student’s life and provides them with various opportunities. Students can now easily learn things online, plus can choose the time slots as per their availability. The best thing about online classes is that if you miss the class, you can learn from the lecture videos your teacher provides. There are multiple apps like Google classroom and blackboard that enables students to access provided videos. Plus, you can monitor your own progress through available grades and feedback from your teacher.

Global learning without a foreign visa

Now you are not limited to the only educational fields available in your country. You can learn different things and acquire different skill sets from various online learning platforms available.

For example: If you want to pursue your master’s degree in digital marketing, but your country doesn’t offer any degree in this particular field, search online. You can get many courses and degree programs available and that are sponsored by multiple educational institutes. Apply for your desired degree & learn that genre. Try to complete the test with flying colors and get enrolled on the degree program. Pay the fees and learn your desired course and get the certification.

Improved technical skills

One of the most important benefits of the emergence of artificial intelligence into the world of education is improved technical skills.

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You might have seen children born in the era of smartphones; they don’t know how to start a PC. Why? Because they never needed it. But now, when technology has taken over the academic world, many students are learning technical skills. To make a good presentation, laptops and PC are more helpful. To edit, format, and play CDs and USBs, computers are more accommodating. The way educational institutes have utilized machines, and AI-powered facilities have helped this generation to gain technical skills.

Reduced cost:

There was a time when missing a single class cost us our pocket money drainage. We had to borrow the notes of our friend and photo state them so that we didn’t have to spend hours copying the notes. Plus, buying new books and copies as soon as we enrolled in a new course used to cost an arm or leg.

This is another big benefit of AI; now, every book and note is available online. Making heavy purchases isn’t something we practice currently.

Even for the school, technological advancement is beneficial in saving money. The electricity bills, per-hour payments to the staff and other miscellaneous expenses, the institute now saves it all by conducting the class online and taking help also from


How AI Is Changing the Way Students Learn is something we all know now. This blog includes a few benefits, but there are a lot of additional perks that artificial intelligence has blessed us with. With every passing day, you will learn a lot about emerging technology.

Since you are here, you must have gone through all the benefits that AI have provided us. There is a lot more that you are going to experience in the near future.

One thing that is important to realize is not to depend on AI enough to become helpless without it.

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