Top 9 Unusual Eco-friendly DIY Gift Ideas For Diwali

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Diwali is about the corner, and you will undoubtedly be organizing your house for the celebration. Each year you might undoubtedly bring something different from the market for your house to spice up the decor. Still, you can make it unusual this time by running for do-it-yourself ideas and involving your family members in assisting you in embellishing your space. Welcome the celebration of lights and delight with a burst of shades. Let Diwali 2022 be the finest in the decade with joy and eco-friendly DIY gifts that vow to brighten your house and load your heart with zeal and nostalgia. There are plenty of handmade gifting ideas you can try out for this Diwali, as it is more joyful and successful. To add more light and joy to this celebration, present the eco-friendly best Diwali gifts for your cherished one. That is sure to make Diwali successful and strengthen your relations with them too. Here we suggest some Awesome picked-out unusual DIY craft kits for you to add that extra spice this Diwali.

Paper Cube String Lights

Normal string lights are tedious. You can see them everywhere, and they’ve evolved into a sort of click. Make things enjoyable by making these paper cube string lights, as indicated by Wit and Whistle. And since they’re paper, you’re not presenting more plastic into your Diwali festivities!

Cool Home Decor DIY Wall Hangings

There’s so much waste close to us that we consider useless, and rather, that can be upcycled to be good-looking home decor articles. String them in a lovely thread, from old photos to embellishing varieties, and they’re ready to be turned on the wall. The more bizarre these pieces will be, the better appeal they will carry about.

Table Lamp

Gifting house decor items on Diwali is a lovely idea. There is a tradition of cleaning homes before Diwali; thus, people throw away their old or damaged items. This leads them to order new things in the decor sector as nicely. So, this Diwali, pick a creative DIY instead of bringing a ready-made item-online gift delivery in Jaipur is available.

Festive Gift Boxes

Here is a charming Diwali gift idea that can be prepared from scratch by you for this joyous season. We often present sweets & mithais to our close and loved ones during Diwali. Being a joyous occasion, to add a personalized touch while a blessing, we often embellish it by ourselves and personalize each box which undoubtedly is relished by everyone. You can also give eco-friendly Diwali gifts for family, or friends.


If you are curious about painting, it’s the moment to show your talent to your cherished ones. Draw a captivating picture of your cherished ones and present them as a Diwali gift. It is one of the fabulous Diwali gifts for your cherished ones, and they will relish this charming gift. Damn sure they invariably stand out in the eyes of your memorable one. So, show them your big love with these brilliant paintings and touch their heart.


There are countless things you can do with candle wax scraps. One of them is that you can utilize it for making other candles. Handcrafted candles are an awesome DIY gift idea for any event. It is entertaining, creative, and affordable to make candles at the house. This DIY candle gift can be altered to suit anyone’s tastes, making it an authentic gift for anyone on your list.

DIY Sewing Machine Calendar 

Sew your goals into complex fabric sheets with the vintage DIY Sewing Machine Calendar 2022-2023. The product is thoroughly eco-friendly and is made ethically with love. Relish making the calendar a handcrafted gift for a cherished one, your mantelpiece, tabletop, or stand. The template has been lovingly decorated with naturalistic details. The date cards are in the form of fabric sheets. 

Decorative Plates

Embellishing plates or pooja thalis are utilized in Diwali a lot. Several ceremonies are served during Diwali, and such plates are utilized to accomplish them. Therefore, gifting a plate at this celebration seems like a very useful idea. Rather than purchasing it from the market, try making one this time.


Use your jute waste by creating braided jute coasters. You can readily make these coasters at home. Braided jute coasters can present a new look to your table decor. These adorable braided jute coasters are effortless to make, a joy to present, and eco-friendly! Find more ideas related to cake online here.

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