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Best ortho

The best Ortho EMR Software allows physicians to access crucial information with the click of a button. It also makes diagnosis quick and easy. It also includes educational literature about how to manage various conditions, such as asthma, which can help reduce high-risk situations. With the right software, your practice will be able to provide the best possible care for patients.


PrognoCIS is a cloud-based EMR for orthopedic practices. It is a great tool for orthopedic practices because it offers similar functionality to all other EMRs, but at a price that is affordable. It is also helpful for small practices because its implementation team was responsive and accommodating.

PrognoCIS also offers additional interoperability with third-party applications. Its API supports the HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standards, which makes it easy to share patient data with other healthcare providers. Furthermore, the system is customizable to the needs of individual practices.

PrognoCIS EHR features ambulatory functionality, practice management, revenue cycle management, and eRx. It is also cloud-based, which means no installation costs or infrastructure investments. It also has specialty-specific content and workflow capabilities. In addition, it offers customizable workflows and an easy-to-use interface.

A cloud-based orthopedic EMR solution provides flexibility in workflow and data entry preferences. It also offers a touch-based interface and telehealth functionality. Its interface draws inspiration from mobile operating systems. It is also designed to maximize workflows and allow physicians to collaborate with each other.


With its ortho EMR system, ChartLogic offers orthopedic practices the ability to customize content and workflows to improve efficiency. The system includes orthopedic-specific templates, workflows, and voice recognition. Its single-screen design and customizable content options allow users to create customized orthopedic content in minutes. It’s ideal for practices of all sizes and specialty areas.

The doctors at Dover Orthopaedics adapted to the new system quickly and smoothly. The interface was seamless, and the software mirrored each physician’s preferred charting style. Within three weeks, even the most technical physician was fully up and running using the system. Within one year and a half, all physicians completed 100% of their charting.

The software offers a variety of features, including integration with PACS. It also offers voice dictation and traditional transcription. The system also integrates well with digital x-rays and integrates images with patient charts. It has many customizable features, and the software adapts to each physician’s needs.

NextGen(r) Orthopedic Suite

The NextGen(r) Orthopedic Suite is a comprehensive clinical solution that supports orthopedic providers in a variety of ways. It features comprehensive ortho-specific clinical content, image-enabled integrated PACS, a hands-free mobile app, and dictation, transcription, and remote scribe services. The Suite also features comprehensive orthopedic-specific assessments and care plans that make it easier for providers to provide comprehensive care for patients.

The NextGen(r) Orthopedic Suite brings together two of the most highly regarded orthopedic practices in Central Florida. The Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic has been serving Central Florida residents for eight decades, while the Orlando Health System is home to the country’s fourth-ranked orthopedic residency program. The NextGen Orthopedic Suite is a streamlined EHR solution that streamlines the workflow process, facilitates scheduling, and offers secure patient data sharing.


The best ortho EHR system is one that not only provides comprehensive clinical functionality but is also easy to use. The DrChrono EHR Software platform has a user-friendly interface and integrates billing and practice management features for an all-in-one cloud-based solution. In addition to allowing you to customize clinical workflow, it also provides telehealth capabilities for COVID-19 and remote patient care.

Its integrated platform features customizable medical forms, practice management, and billing solutions. It also comes with a mobile app and an e-prescribing solution. Its e-prescribing capabilities enable you to electronically prescribe medications and check patient eligibility from anywhere. Another unique feature of the DrChrono platform is that it offers an iPad app. You can customize your EHR to fit your practice’s needs, from solo practices to multi-location medical centers.

The DrChrono EHR also includes an OutcomeMD tool that summarizes patient symptoms into one score. The doctor and patient can view this score instantly. The data is then immediately pushed into the clinician’s DrChrono EHR medical note. Using this tool can save time and allow physicians to spend more time with patients.

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