Kedarkanta Trek: Perfect Destination To Spend Your Holiday



Kedarkantha is regarded as the best winter snow trek in India; novices can participate in this Himalayan adventure that you must undertake at least once in your lifetime. From the first week of November to the last week of April, when there is the most snowfall, is the best time to complete this trek.


Trekking frequently gives you the ability to challenge your physical and psychological limits while also giving you access to a dose of nature that is unattainable in cities.


This walk is one of those in the Himalayas that makes you want to see nature’s splendour in its unadulterated state. It gives everything a trekker might want, from snow-capped mountains, verdant grasslands, frozen lakes, and a pleasant magnificent top.


About the Destination

The trek’s peak ascent is incredibly gratifying and will undoubtedly leave you with unforgettable memories. From the starting point at Sankri Base Camp to the summit, all of these views are visible.


You will be treated to breath-taking views of the natural world as you start your hike in the early morning and progressively climb the steep slope. Kedar Kantha is well-known for its winter trek, which departs from the well-known town of Sankri. 


How to Reach

One can reach to kedarkantha By road,By Rail and By Air to:


By Road :

The major northern cities and Dehradun are well connected by motorable highways. Dehradun and Delhi are connected by various buses. You can choose from Semi-Deluxe, Deluxe, and AC Volvo according on your demands. Additionally, buses from Kashmere Gate ISBT regularly connect Dehradun to Delhi. Sankri may be reached by road bus in 10 hours, with the majority of direct connections leaving Dehradun early in the morning.


By Rail :

Railway Station in Dehradun It is well connected to many important Indian cities, including Delhi, Lucknow, and Kolkata, among others. Since Dehradun is the entry point from Uttarakhand to the Garhwal region, the train consistency there is a little higher.


By Air :

Daily connections from Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport to New Delhi and other significant Indian cities are available.


Things one should Carry

  • Backpacks and rain cover.
  • Personal Medical Kit.
  • Sanitizer and Mask.
  • Hicking Shoes with extra pair of socks.
  • Torces; Extra Batteries.
  • Jackets, Sweaters.
  • Trek Pants, T- Shirts.
  • Raincoats.
  • Towel.
  • Tissues.
  • Camera, Phone Charger, Power Banks.
  • Personal Hygiene Things.


Best Time to visit

Due to the extensive snowfall in winter, several treks are inaccessible. On the other hand, the Kedarkantha journey has exactly the right amount of snow to get to the peak at an elevation of 12,000 feet, making it the greatest winter adventure throughout the winter.


Beginning in mid-December, snowfall is a possibility. Although you may visit this location at any time of the year, the greatest time to do so is from December to April, in the thick of winter.


Difficulty Level 


The 25 km Kedarkantha Trek is one of the simpler treks in Uttarakhand, rising from 6,400 feet to 12,500 feet. It’s a strenuous walk that is ideal for new hikers who want to experience the Himalayas.


The brief hike can be taken leisurely, which captures the moments and heightens its wonderful quality. After reaching the summit, there is a sense of humility that is incredibly fulfilling as you can now see the other peaks at eye level.


Places one should visit in kedarkantha


The elevation of Osla Village is 2590 metres. This little community is 26 kilometres from Taluka. This town is situated on the mountainside and is surrounded by apple trees. It is a village that can be seen en route to the Har ki Dun trek, which departs from Sankri as well.


Taluka Village is another hamlet that can be reached from Sankri Village by car or foot travel of about 12 kilometres. You have two options: either drive or hire a vehicle from Sankri to Taluka Village and then continue your journey from there, or start your trip from the Bar ki Dun trek. Mori undoubtedly holds a particular place in travellers’ hearts because of its beauty and picturesque scenery.



Given its beauty and picturesque views, Mori undoubtedly holds a particular place in travellers‘ hearts. This lovely township is situated along the Tons River in the Uttarkashi district. Its altitude is roughly 1,150 feet. A little, charming town called Purola, which is 1524 metres above sea level, is located in the northwest corner of the Uttarkashi district. As it is on the route for the walk, this location is referred to as the “gateway” to the Har ki Dun trek.

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