The factors that make standing seam cladding a popular choice

Among the several metal cladding technologies that are used in the construction industry, standing seam cladding is one of the most popular metal cladding technologies that is being used extensively today. The reason behind the new technologies’ immense success in winning hearts of the masses is its versatile nature. Experts in the architectural field and construction works suggest using this modern technology to decorate the exteriors of the building in a professionally profound manner. You would get to see their uses mostly in the exterior parts of the buildings, hung from the roof part to make it aesthetically presentable. However, many architects have been creative enough to imply the idea of cladding in the interiors of the buildings as well.

What is standing seam cladding?

 It is a concealed fastener cladding system that includes vertical, horizontal, tapered, concave, convex, and curved panels with smooth space in between. The wide range of shapes and dimensions in which the design is available makes it a perfect choice for a variety of applications.

It is among the most durable metal-clad systems available that is suitable for all types of weather conditions. In the standing seam cladding design, the fasteners are concealed. This feature of this system protects the fasteners from being exposed to the corroding elements in the atmosphere. This is a big innovation in metal cladding design as corrosion has been known to be one of the factors due to which the fasteners that mostly were exposed in the earlier designs failed over time.

In the installation of standing seam cladding, the protruding seams of two or more panels are made to overlap each other. Each panel is secured with concealed clips or fasteners and then secured together with the use of specialized tools.

The features of standing seam cladding that appeal to all

Standing seam cladding has gained popularity among architects, builders, and installers as it provides sophisticated and aesthetic panels that they can work with. The possibilities are endless and an exciting opportunity for them to display their skills using the standing seam cladding design feature that has the capability of satisfying the most discerning clients.

Standing seam cladding offers you a wide range of choices as it is available in multiple hues and once installed, gives an elegant finish to the building unlike the industrial finishes of the earlier times that were almost always uniform in appearance.

Its application versatility also has made this cladding system a preferred option. It can be effectively used for cladding or façade-type applications. For those clients who prefer a clean modern look for their building that also gives off a sophisticated vibe, this concealed standing seam cladding method is a dream come true.

Benefits of standing seam cladding

The following benefits that this system offers have made it such a popular choice.

  • Weatherproof

The concealed fasteners are attached to the substrate using concealed clips which do not penetrate the panel. The absence of screw holes in the panel minimizes the chances of water leakage. Also, the fasteners are not exposed to the elements and thus are protected from corrosion.

Structures with standing seam cladding can withstand extreme weather conditions that include a snowstorm, gusty winds, or even heavy rainfall.

  • Durable

Their ability to be not affected by extreme heat or cold or other climatic conditions enables them to last for almost 50 years or more. For this reason, they are called “Lifetime Roof” as they can be a one-time investment for the building owner.

  • Low maintenance

Annual maintenance by a roof maintenance service provider is enough for standing seam cladding structures to last for a long period. The concealed fasteners do not face the risk of corrosion so the chances of them failing frequently do not arise. Also, the common problem faced by the other structures of contraction and expansion is absent in this case.

So, you do not need to check periodically the condition of the panels and the screws that fasten the panels.

standing seam cladding

  • Fire resistant

These panels are not combustible. Also, for installation, they require a Class A fire-resistance rating which ensures that they can withstand fires that originate outside the building. This feature comes in handy if you live in an area that experiences wildfires often.

  • Energy efficient

They are energy efficient as the paint has cool pigments that allows for increased reflection of the sunlight thus, keeping the interiors cool. Thus, you save on your electricity bills.


If you want your home to have a roof and wall structure that is not only modern and trendy but also is long-lasting and durable, the standing seam cladding is the best option for you.

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