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How to Draw a Spinosaurus

How to Draw a Spinosaurus. There are numerous other species of relics that lived millions of years back. Some of these dinosaurs were short, some were huge, and all had unique appearances and attributes. Spinosaurus falls in the middle regarding size but still has a unique look thanks to the large fin on its back. Because they look so amazing, learning to draw a spinosaurus can be tough!

However, if you want to find out how easy and fun it can be, keep reading! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing a Spinosaurus

Step 1:

The first step in this guide on how to draw a spinosaurus will begin by outlining the head. The spinosaurus head is quite long and thin, so we’ll use more straight and angular lines. We’ll also use rounded lines for the eye of the Spinosaurus and add line detail for the nose and facial features.

Step 2:

Once the outline of the head is done, we will start with the neck and the famous rear fin of your spinosaurus drawing. First, draw a very curved line coming down from the head. You can add a few lines to it to get details of the pattern. Once you’ve drawn the neck, we’ll start with the fin on the back. The outline will be marked with sharp lines, then straight lines will extend out from the base, as shown in the reference image. Then go to step 3!

Step 3:

In this step of our direction on drawing a spinosaurus, we will continue with the neck and remove the dinosaur’s tail. First, you can use jagged lines for the top of the tail. Then the lower part will be drawn with more curved lines that twist. Finally, we’ll add some wavy lines on the neck for more detail.

Step 4:

Your spinosaurus drawing may get a bit more complicated now, but as long as you take it slow and follow the reference guide carefully, you should have no problem! With that in mind, we’ll add curved and straight lines for skin and muscle definition in your drawing. As you can see in the reference image, these will be more in the center of the body for now, and we’ll add some more detail in the next few steps.

Step 5:

The Spinosaurus would walk straight with small arms, and we’ll start with those arms in this step of our guide on how to draw a spinosaurus. Using a combination of curved and angled lines, we can add the full arm bent to the right. It will also have sharp claws at its end. You can also start the second arm in this step, but we’ll finish it in the next step.

Step 6:

As promised, we will complete the second arm of your Spinosaurus drawing in this step. It will have a structure similar to the previous one. However, it will be from a slightly different angle. You can then complete this step by adding the first leg on the right, which will have three sharp claws at the end.

Step 7:

How to Draw a Spinosaurus

It’s time to finish the last details in this step of our guide on how to draw a Spinosaurus. First, you can draw the second leg. It straightens up a bit to show that this dinosaur is on the move! Then you can finish with some leg and tail details. With these additions, you are ready for the final step! Add any new details or background elements you want for the image.

By doing this, he could show what kind of environment he thinks this Spinosaurus would have inhabited. You can also draw some of your favorite dinosaurs to go along with it! We can’t wait to see how you put your touch on this drawing.

Step 8:

How to Draw a Spinosaurus

Scientists can only guess the colors of dinosaurs, giving you plenty of options for coloring your spinosaurus drawing! We used reds and grays for our image, but you should use whatever colors work for you. It is your opportunity to lead off what you think this dinosaur might have looked like!

You can choose bright, more subdued colors or a combination. You can also play around with various mediums and art tools to get the kinds of colors you want for this fantastic Spinosaurus. There are no incorrect responses, so get innovative and show us what you can do!

4 Better Methods to Create Your Spinosaurus Drawing Unique

Step back in time by making this excellent Spinosaurus sketch even more awesome! Now that you’ve mastered this drawing of a Spinosaurus, you might as well add a few more to join it. This way, you could give the impression that they are hunting as a team! To do this, follow the guide again and then change certain aspects, such as the position of the head and the limbs. How big would the group be if you added more Spinosaurus dinosaurs to this image? To complete this Spinosaurus drawing, you don’t have to stick with this species.

You can count any additional of your favorite dinosaur species! If you want to go deeper, you can only include dinosaurs from the same era as Spinosaurus. That shouldn’t stop you from adding one of your favorite dinosaur species from other eras. Do you have other large dinosaur species besides Spinosaurus that you would like to add to this image? Whether you keep the Spinosaurus alone or add other dinosaurs, adding a background can make this image even more outstanding. We have some representations of prehistoric landscapes, but you can use your imagination.

Designing prehistoric plants and volcanoes for this Spinosaurus to inhabit would be fun! What type of terrain would you use for the background of this image? Finally, you could get even more creative with the background of this Spinosaurus sketch. For example, you can replicate the concept of the Jurassic Park movies and have this Spinosaurus in a modern setting. Maybe he could be loose on a city street with cars and people running away from the mighty Spinosaurus. It’s an idea of ​​how you could do something more imaginative. Now it’s up to you to show us what other cool ideas you could have to represent this Spinosaurus!

Your Spinosaurus drawing is complete!

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to draw a Spinosaurus! There were some delicate and delicate elements in this drawing, so we hope this guide will make it easy and fun for you. When taking on a more difficult drawing, always remember to take your time and follow the guide carefully, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

You can then add your details, background elements, additions, and color options to tie it all together! See our website when you’re prepared for your following sketch challenge. You’ll find tons of excellent guides there, and we’ll have many more coming soon. We always love to see your fantastic artwork, so don’t forget to share your finished Spinosaurus drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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