3 myths about Custom WordPress Development Services

Did you know that custom WordPress development is one of the most frequently used website development platforms worldwide

When it comes to designing your website, you have several possibilities to choose from. There is a multitude of resources available online that may help you learn more about how to attract customers to your company website, what features are most effective, and how to write material that will keep them there. However, if you want to build a strong CMS from the ground up, you need to use custom WordPress development services.

With a CMS, you have complete editorial over your site’s content and access to several cost-free, automatic marketing options. Moreover, we demonstrate the many advantages of using WordPress as the foundation for your website’s development. Almost half of all websites are now run by WordPress.

If you need a website, why not use WordPress development services?

A CMS allows you to take charge of your site’s content and offers a variety of automated, no-cost advertising options. In addition, we show how WordPress may be used as a stepping stone toward a beautiful website. WordPress powers about 50% of the web today.

3 myths about WordPress

WordPress has held the crown as the finest content management system (CMS) worldwide for close to ten years without any serious competition. Despite WordPress’ popularity, many people have false impressions about how the platform is built. Most of these false beliefs prevent potential WordPress users from ever considering the platform.

WordPress is just a platform for creating and maintaining blogs

This must be the single most widespread misunderstanding about WordPress. In 2003, WordPress first appeared as a platform for creating weblogs. As the user base for this blogging platform increased, it morphed into a full-fledged content management system. The platform attracted a large community of theme engines and developers who collaborated to provide a large library of themes and plugins suitable for use with a wide range of websites.

Websites in the news, music, entertainment, and applications sectors are just a few examples of the wide range of topics serviced by the numerous WordPress theme developers and WordPress development companies that exist today.

Custom WordPress Development is Tricky

It’s the custom theme development, custom plugin development, and frameworks that make WordPress so flexible. As a result, many people assume that modifying an existing website is complicated. Somehow, the idea that a theme and templates are one and the same took hold and became a common misconception. The thing is, you can’t say that. In actuality, a template is only a special case of the overarching theme.

It used to be difficult to make changes to a WordPress site, but now, with page builder tools like Elementor and Beaver, it’s simple and quick. Both the front and back ends may be modified by the developers to meet specific needs. You may always contact our website development company for WordPress customization and enhancement if you’re still having trouble with the system.

WordPress has security flaws

WordPress’s supposed lack of security in comparison to open-source software is another urban legend that often makes the news. The fact that anybody may see WordPress’s source code online lends credence to this idea. This open-source programming makes it easy for criminals to uncover vulnerabilities.

Well, WordPress is quite adaptable, and security services like Sucuri or any reputable website firewall may further strengthen its defenses. Using robust passwords and other WordPress best practices is a great way to increase the platform’s security.

Quick Guide to Custom WordPress Development Services

If you’re looking for a good open-source platform, go no further than WordPress. It’s the most common and straightforward method for companies to establish a professional online presence. WordPress development entails creating and sustaining WordPress-based websites.

But having a website is not enough; further effort is required to assure its success, such as updating to the latest version of WordPress and making use of its many new features and functions and efficient management. In fact, it seems like quite the challenge.

There is a financial upside to investing in WordPress customization

In the same way that spending money on user experience (UX) for your website will eventually pay for itself, so will developing a really unique solution for your site. While the pace of change may be slower than in UX design, there is still progress.

You may be thinking, “Why should I pay for a WordPress development company when I can do it myself?” Or you may hire a WordPress designer or developer to utilize a theme you previously purchased.

There are several advantages to having a custom-built website rather than using a pre-made template. No preference is shown for either WordPress or any other website construction framework.

Most of the time, though, your goal is to make money from it. You should plan to have goals and a company strategy in place. Perhaps there are certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you’d want to achieve.


Overall, it seems like WordPress has a bright future ahead of it.

With any luck, this blog has convinced you that WordPress is the best open-source platform for managing a website. WordPress makes it easy to create a website, but if you need help getting started or expanding your online presence, you can also engage a custom WordPress development services provider like OploxTech.

It is always our pleasure to be of service to you!


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