How Fashion Promotes Gender Flexibility

Have you ever purchased men’s fragrance as a woman? Do you adore slouchy T-shirts and boyfriend blazers? Have you ever been irritated that men’s bath products don’t contain vanilla, raspberry, or cocoa butter? Do you feel sorry, gents, since you don’t have any baby pink in your wardrobe?

If so, you’re lucky to be alive since these days, regardless of their sexual orientation, more and more individuals are adopting the fashion of the other sex. and escaping punishment.

Gender fluidity is a big challenge in a society where all marketplaces are tightly organized such that gendering helps sell their products better and undermines the structures that uphold patriarchy. We are coerced into adhering to an old trick that reinforces existing preconceptions and confines individuals to gender norms. Failure to do so would cause a building built to take advantage of differences to collapse. 

Andreja Pejic, the most well-known transgender supermodel in the world, who has now fully transitioned into a female, is a pioneer in such pandrogynous fashion. When Pejic still identified as a guy and had no plans to transition into a woman, she is famous for closing a Jean Paul Gaultier presentation in a bridal gown.


This raises the question of what may happen if the definition of style in the world became to encompass both genders in a more pandrogynous way. What if everyone adopted a more extreme kind of metrosexuality and began donning skirts, trousers, and bracelets simultaneously? As Jaden Smith has shown, such a celebration would upend our commodiously simple system.

These photographs by photographer Bikramjit Bose for Elle India, featured on Buzzfeed, are a good example of how fashion is gradually catching up with this trend.


The Elle piece depicts a man who is cross-dressing, but it also highlights his “manliness” by having a beard and body hair. The lady is equally hairless and has smooth skin, as ladies are “supposed” to have.

It is obvious that mainstream gender fluidity is an issue in both India and the West. Because most androgynous design includes clothing women like males rather than the other way around, androgyny has turned into a one-way street. This practice, which is sometimes referred to as “power dressing,” is extremely problematic since it associates masculine gender with strength, power, and higher social standing. You will be given additional credit if you “wear the pants.” Everything related to the feminine gender is viewed as inferior to that of the masculine. This is why slurs like “gay” are thrown at non-masculine persons.

The message that a woman is not attractive and requires a variety of items to be appealing serves this sexist, gendered culture well. All of this only to label her frivolous when she is applying lipstick to cheer herself up. Only until the stigma attached to anything female can this cycle be broken.

Korean fashion represents a glimmer of light in this situation since major South Korean singers, often known as KPop idols, are quickly breaking onto the international market and bringing their gender-neutral, androgynous style to the fore.


These male celebrities are utilizing gender-specific beauty practices including contouring, long hair, manicures, eyeliner, and a variety of other methods to show their uniqueness as transgender people.

Male and female celebrities share the same haircuts, pink lip stains, beautiful complexion, and outfits in addition to wearing the same accessories and clothing. The best part about it is that these well-known celebrities are the rule rather than the exception. As an illustration, all the images—including the one up top and the ones displayed below—show guys clothing whichever they like, regardless of gender or general view.


The nicest thing about gender-neutral clothing is that you can’t tell by looking at it what gender you would wish to assign to it. True androgyny, which should not be mistaken with homosexuality, aims to meld the genders together and eliminate their distinctions in order to express itself.

Imagine Jared Leto without the beard and with no regard for convention.

For instance, the woman in the image you’re about to view is NOT a woman. It is a man’s, and there are no fucks available for gender-specific priming.

Gender-swapping in fashion photography is a prevalent idea, whether it includes men wearing skirts or other feminine clothing or women wearing menswear.

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