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Cheap Umrah Package

Mahram is the person with which the woman has no obligation to cover her head or body with a hijab or a tunic. In Islamic rules and regulations, the performance of Umrah without Mahram is not allowed. There is a prohibition for a woman to perform Umrah without her Mahram. If we look at the rules of Saudi Arabia then it also does not allow a woman to enter its premises without a male accompanying her.

A woman without a man is not allowed in Saudi Arabia to enter for Umrah. Saudi Arabia does not accept a visa without a mahram for a female. If a woman enters to perform Umrah without a mahram then she is violating the rules of Saudi Arabia. In this case, she will face deportation. Makkahtours has a cheap Umrah package 2022 for you to perform Umrah with a mahram.

Importance Of Mahram In Islam:

When we talk about Mahram it means we are talking about protection and guardianship as well. As we know that man protects women from the pollution of this world. Women need a Mahram because he protects them from the wilderness of the world. That’s why Mahram for women is necessary for performing Hajj or Umrah.

Whenever a woman is alone, she has the threat to be pestered by men. In this case, she needs a protective layer that is provided by men only. Mahram serves as a shelter for women. We find purity in the sacred journey of Umrah. So, it is the responsibility of a man to protect and preserve a woman. Furthermore, z giving respect to a woman is also the foremost responsibility of a Mahram. That’s why Islam has advised women to perform Umrah or Hajj with a Mahram. Hence, you can avail Cheap Umrah package 2022 for performing the sacred journey of Umrah this year. You can avail of these umrah packages.

Umrah For Ladies Without A Mahram:

Does the question arise whether a woman can perform Umrah without a Mahram or not? Islam does not allow a woman to perform Umrah without a Mahram. There is a prohibition for those who do not have a Mahram with them. Accompanying a Mahram is only for the safety of the women so that they can perform the Umrah pilgrimage safely. Mahram can be her husband or any of her relatives. They have to accompany her during her Umrah journey. Women can also travel with a group of people but accompanying their husbands is quite good.

If a woman is above the age of 45, she can also go to perform Umrah with a group of people. This is an exception for the women who do not have any companion to go with for the performance of Umrah or Hajj. She can come to perform Umrah with a connection of people. This group will take care of her safety and security. That is why Mahram is considered important for a woman who is planning for Umrah. Makkahtours are offering the cheap Umrah package 2022 for you.

Who Can Be The Mahram?

Mahram is the person whom you cannot marry. These are all the men by whom you have a blood relationship. Mahram of the women can be:

  • Grandparents
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Maternal uncle
  • Paternal uncle
  • Child or the grandchild of the siblings
  • Other ancestors

Not only the relationship ls of blood but your Mahram can also be the family which belongs to your husband. They can be:

  • Ancestors of the spouse like grandparents of the spouse
  • Parents of the spouse
  • Child of the spouse. It means your children which are above 15 years of age
  • Grandchildren of the spouse

You can perform Umrah in these relationships with your husband.

If a woman is older than her Mahram should also be the age that has reached puberty. But if a girl is going to perform Umrah then her Mahram should be an adult male. This male should have the capability to support that girl financially. The Mahram should have enough capacity to save a girl from the outside world.

Rules For Women Performing Umrah Without Mahram:

If you are going to plan Umrah with a cheap Umrah package 2022, women must consider these rules when performing Umrah without a Mahram. These rules are given below:

  • The age of women to perform Umrah without a Mahram must be above 45. Furthermore z she has to submit a certificate from her family that they have no objections to performing her Umrah with a group.
  • A woman performing Umrah without Mahram cannot perform the Ramal. Ramal is the ritual of running during Tawaf and the walk of Safa and Marwa. She has a prohibition for Ramal.
  • A woman without Mahram has to maintain a distance from men and other people. In the time of the crowd, she has to be very careful in this regard. She has to make sure that no other men touch her body during the Tawaf of Kaaba.
  • Women have been prohibited to recite Talbiyah loudly. Men can recite Talbiyah loudly.
  • She should make sure that no other men make attention to her.
  • Moreover, she has prohibited that she cannot talk or converse with other males. She should stay with her group and try not to make a connection with others.
  • Women without Mahram must offer prayer in the area fixed for the women only. If there are a lot of crowds then she is allowed to offer the prayer at any place in Masjid-Al-Haram. This task can be done after the completion of Tawaf.

These rules are strict for the women who are performing Umrah without a Mahram. If they are performing Umrah with their Mahram then the rules and regulations for the women are a little bit more relaxed than these rules. The rituals in which a woman without Mahram cannot take part can be performed by the women with Mahram. Women are advised to stay with their Mahram during their Umrah journey.

Mentions Of Mahram In The Quran:

Allah Almighty says that you can not marry the former wives of your fathers. It is except what was done previously. The people who did this act previously are the source of shameful acts. They did an evil practice and it was indeed despicable.

Moreover, Allah Almighty forbade you to marry your mother, daughter, and sister, maternal aunts and paternal aunts. There is a prohibition to marry your mother-in-law, and your stepdaughter as well. You can not marry the wives of your sons.

These are some relationships for Allah Almighty has set the limitations that you can not marry these relationships.


Umrah is a sacred journey. Muslims have to perform this journey with the rules and regulations fixed by Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty has fixed rules for the women to perform Umrah with their Mahram. If they have no Mahram then they have to follow strict rules for their Umrah journey. One must have to follow these rules to make their Umrah journey a valid one. In short, women must perform Umrah by accompanying a male with them. It is for their safety. A woman without a Mahram can avail of a cheap Umrah package from Makkahtours. We have the best cheap umrah package for you.

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