Top 3 Go-To Sources for a Custom Logo Design

A logo is something that makes your brand stand out among the sea of competitors. Every famous brand you name has a logo that is customized and tells a story about the brand.

Technically, a custom logo is a logo that has been designed for a particular brand keeping its brand personality, brand story, and other aspects in mind.

There are basically three main sources if you want to get a custom logo design.

  • Hire freelancers
  • Use online logo makers
  • Hire an agency

Here are five qualities of an excellent custom logo.

  1. Simple

People can instantly identify simple logos when they see them. People tend to recall logos that are the simplest.

  1. Scalable

An excellent custom logo should be simple enough to be scaled up or down without losing its visual appeal.

  1. Remarkable / Meaningful

An effective logo should have an impact. You want to grab the attention of and make an impact on your audience (a positive impression, hopefully).

  1. Versatile

The appearance of an excellent logo should be consistent throughout all web-enabled platforms and print media.

  1. Relevant

A fantastic logo needs to be applicable to your line of work. It must be meaningful and have some connection to the task you are performing.

Top freelancing platforms to hire individual logo designers.

1.  Fiverr

The largest marketplace for digital services in the world, Fiverr, offers a digitally optimized transaction platform for both customers and sellers. The word “gig” is exclusive to the service provided by sellers on Fiverr.

A beginning price can be selected by the service provider when launching a gig. Sellers may take it a step further and provide purchasers with a gig package using different bundle options. You may hire a top Logo designer from this marketplace for a custom logo design for business.

These include a range of prices that enable sellers to provide customers with a selection of personalized service bundles. In this approach, customers may select from a wide selection based on their specific needs.


  • Various talents and services are available
  • Before hiring, look at the seller profiles and feedback ratings.
  • a user-friendly platform that is accessible to everyone
  • Outstanding rates for all job
  • A competent customer service team is on hand to help you if necessary.


  • Some sellers might not have the qualifications you need.
  • Given the variety of employment options, choosing a freelancer might be difficult.

2. Upwork

Compared to Fiverr, Upwork is a bit different and has its own distinct benefits and drawbacks. Long-term projects benefit greatly from it since the platform makes it simple to log hours spent, which makes invoicing and bills for both the customer and the person hiring much simpler.

The very thorough profiles of freelancers highlight their qualifications, work history, and client comments. It also features a thorough screening procedure that will help you identify the ideal freelancer.

One of the most significant online workplaces in the world, Upwork has a significant number of logo designers offering their expertise in custom logo design. On the site, you will find independent contractors eager to perform work for any price. Having said that, cheaper isn’t necessarily better on Upwork because typically speaking, you get what you pay for.


  • You may advertise work on the site for freelancers to apply for.
  • Examine freelancers’ offers before employing them.
  • View profiles and reviews
  • Modern billing and reporting
  • Excellent for difficult or prolonged tasks


  • It takes a long time to review a lot of proposals.
  • Many freelancers submit applications without carefully reviewing your work specifications.

3. Hourly People

Despite having fewer freelancers than some of the other services, PeoplePerHour has more than 3 million users. This indicates that there is a vast talent pool accessible for everything you want, from programming to custom logo design and much more.

For more than 13 years in business, PeoplePerHour has improved its platform to make the recruiting process simple. You may use their artificial intelligence system to publish a project with the necessary information, and it will attempt to match you with the site’s highly qualified freelancers.

These independent contractors can then submit their bids in response to your task. After carefully examining each proposal, you select your freelancer. When the project begins, you must pay a deposit, and regrettably, you may receive a flood of bids, which makes the hiring process time-consuming.

Despite this, organizations wishing to hire freelancers will find the payment method to be quite a user friendly and useful. You may offer comments once the task is finished to help the platform develop by separating the reliable freelancers from the poor.


  • a sizable worldwide pool of freelancers from which to pick
  • reasonable fees for professionals


  • The processing of several bids might take some time.
  • For low-cost freelancers, the quality of their work might vary.

Best online logo design tools

1. Canva

The most interactive custom logo builder on the list, Canva, is the most suitable option for novices. Canva’s design process is also quite simple, making it simple to get started. The templates are separated into many categories, including badges, art/design, fashion, sports, food & drink, automobile, and more.

Although some of the logos in this maker are brilliant and entertaining, the editing is up to you. The design tool on Canva makes it quite straightforward, and it also includes a tonne of support articles to assist you if you run into any problems. Once your design is complete, you will receive a high-resolution logo and use it as you choose.

You won’t have any problem learning Canva if you’ve already used it for design tasks. It has gained a lot of popularity as a logo-making tool.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace, a platform for creating websites, also features a fantastic free builder that both free and premium users can use to design professional-level logos from scratch. Even though they don’t offer as many possibilities as some of the other solutions mentioned above, their logo creator still provides you with enough options to get your project underway.

You must establish a free account to download your produced logo, which has a maximum size of 5000 pixels. It might be advantageous to put all of your branding materials and assets under one roof if you utilize Squarespace for your website. You can simply see how your logo will appear on your website, business cards, and even clothes by using the logo editor.

3. Designhill

This online logo builder will provide you with plenty of excellent options if you’re seeking professional logos. Inquiries about your brand are posed to you by Designhill, which then presents solutions that are specifically suited to your responses. To choose the look that perfectly suits your brand, you may change the colors, sayings, symbols, and other customization choices.

Various payment methods are available on Designhill for your corporate logo. The logo file may be purchased for $20, or for a one-time fee of $65 you can purchase logo files that you can use to create your website, social media accounts, print materials, packaging, and branding.

4. BrandCrowd

Another website for creating logos for company owners is BrandCrowd. When you input your company name and choose to make a logo, you are provided with many logo ideas. Before disclosing any information, you may explore BrandCrowd’s designs for ideas. The editing tool on BrandCrowd allows you to customize the ideal logo after you’ve found it. Layout, color, font, shadow, and other design aspects may all be customized to meet your brand.

When you’re satisfied with your design, you can purchase it for $45 and get various logo versions as well as high-resolution files.

1.  Pentagram

The 25 partners of Pentagram, “the biggest independently owned design firm in the world,” are all prominent figures in the design sector. Past and current partners on their star-studded roster include Alan Fletcher, Bob Gill, Paula Scher, and Michael Bierut. headquarters are in London and other locations are  Austin, Berlin, New York, and San Francisco

Popular customers include United Airlines, Verizon, Walgreens, Warner Brothers, Windows, Saks Fifth Avenue, Starbucks, and Planned Parenthood.

Services include environmental graphics, exhibition design, digital design, editorial design, film and motion graphics, industrial/product design, interior and product design, custom logo design, packaging, sound design, and book and campaign design.

2.  Meta Design

For more than 20 years, Meta Design, one of the top design companies in the world, has created memorable brand experiences. Their work is of a standard that is difficult to equal, from revamping Apple’s Mac OS design system to working on Adobe’s packaging and branding.

San Francisco is the headquarter.  New York, Zurich, Beijing, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Geneva, and Lausanne are among the other locations.

Adidas, Apple, AT&T, Coca-Cola, DHL, Lacoste, New York Philharmonic, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Yves Saint Laurent are a few of the company’s well-known customers.

Services include custom logo design, brand planning, brand activation, brand development, and brand experience.

3.  Happy Cog

The founder of this New York-based company, online design pioneer Jeffrey Zeldman, has received more accolades for web design than just about anybody. With its remarkable online design, development, and user experience consulting, Happy Cog—known for its engaging web environments—keeps its high-profile clientele satisfied.

According to their website, Happy Cog is a graphic design firm that can “assist you in crafting your message, selecting the appropriate target groups, inspiring them to take action, and measuring the outcomes.” Its headquarter is located in New York.

Famous customers include Airbnb, AMC Theaters, Ben & Jerry’s, Google, MTV, Nintendo, Papa John’s, Stanford University, Zagat, and Zappos.

Offerings other than custom logo design include content planning, development, design and branding, digital marketing, project definition, and research.

4.  PKG Brand Design

It offers industry-leading packaging designs that entice customers to acquire your goods!

PKG Brand Design is a multi-award-winning firm that creates packaging for national and international consumer packaged products, particularly for brands of food and drink. Their tried-and-true Consumer First approach to branding and packaging design, in which they collaborate with the customers to co-create brand solutions that entice them with captivating brand tales, is the secret to their success.

PKG is the top consumer-focused packaging firm in the United States that specializes in brand strategy, brand identity (including custom logo), package design, structural design, graphics, and photography.

To create clear, real packaging that connects consumers stimulates customers, and increases sales, PKG uses both agency and brand-side marketing professionals. For years, they have been setting the standard with this strategy for nationally renowned companies in the food and beverage, snacks, confectionery, retail, and home and office sectors.

PKG uses in-depth consumer insights to develop packaging solutions that entice consumers to purchase your goods, making it the industry leader in CPG branding and package design.

5.  Wildfire Overview

Wildfire’s mission is to dispel every outdated, unfavorable myth customers may have learned about or encountered when dealing with a marketing firm. They are just here to expand their customers’ businesses while bringing down their blood pressure. Their work is driven by creativity, enthusiasm, and teamwork that is grounded in commerce. As part of the Wildfire Way, They collaborate with others and produce the work with the help of experts on the team.

Wildfire has a family workplace that promotes a friendly work environment and brings top-notch results for its customers. Additionally, the businesses who so kindly entrust them with their brands and marketing budgets are more than simply customers; they are also business partners. Preferably, committed relationships are founded on mutual respect and trust. Partners seek the most innovative, strategic, original, and practical answers to the issues and problems we all face.

They work on a range of tasks, both large and small, every day. All of their efforts, from conception to presentation, in the areas of strategy, social media, design, art direction, digital, and writing, compete with enterprises ten times larger than them. To make that happen, they have surrounded themselves with intelligent, gifted individuals who share knowledge and knowledge.

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