The Finest Netflix Originals for Personal Development

Books, songs, and podcasts are just a few places we turn to when we need a jolt of creativity. But if you’re a severe cinephile and a visual thinker, it may be the film that gives you the push you need while striving to do something and bettering yourself. Before knowing about Netflix originals, you must also know about Fluency.
We’ve compiled a list of some of cinema’s finest works.
1. unblemished
It’s the most convincing movie I’ve ever seen. Every second is packed with an exciting narrative. So much has transpired in only 10 minutes that the time has seemingly gone. Jack O’Connell’s portrayal of Louie is dead on.
When it comes to unique and motivational people, Louie is without peers. He remained an uplifting example throughout the struggle, motivating others to do better.
God’s mercy and love are evident in the fact that he overcame his ordeals by turning them into determination and forgiveness. I’m glad to see this story on screen; I had no idea Angelina Jolie directed it, but the movie was excellent overall.
Beyond the tamed
The film is based on the life of Alexander Super Tramp, aka Chris McCandless. Wow, such a great and exciting trip!
What a fantastic performance by Emile Hirsch. I think we saw his most significant work to date. Furthermore, the outstanding work of Hal Hal brook and Catherine Keener should not be overlooked.
A sincere performance. It was like second nature. Likewise, the music and score were outstanding. Quite an entertaining story. Film has a lot of talking in it. As a filmmaker, Sean Penn has excelled. Maybe it’s just me, but the ending didn’t entirely leave me feeling convinced and uplifted. What we had was plenty. Perhaps it would have had more of an impact if done this way. Aside from that, however, it’s a fascinating picture overall. It will be remembered as a great biographical and adventure picture.
3. An Amazing Brain
In the 1970s, Princeton undergraduates affectionately referred to John Forbes Nash as the “Ghost of Fine Hall” due to his spectral presence on campus. Nash was a multiple-award winner, most notably the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and the Abel Prize, and is known for his contributions to economic theory such as the Bargaining Problem and the Nash Equilibrium. Caused by paranoid schizophrenia.
A Beautiful Mind, by Sylvia Nasar, tells the story of a genius’s upbringing, the individuals who had an effect on him, his rapid decline into delusion, and his ultimate recovery.
The book exposes the mental anguish of a person seeking affirmation, who is in a constant race against the clock to show his worthiness, who is determined to find problems that test him, and who looks down on people who are not intellectually on par with him. The second part of the narrative focuses on his hallucinations, the actions that followed from them, and his later belated atonement. One can only speculate about the trials John Nash faced, the ways in which his upbringing coloured his outlook and left him susceptible, and his determined efforts to maintain “a diet of logic.”
More of a man’s story may be told in a three-hour movie than can be seen in that amount of time. However, the film may have an impact even on individuals who haven’t read the novel. Even as you watch him with a sad heart, you can feel how paranoid he is… Because some people’s emotional anguish is just incomprehensible.
4. In Search of Joy
The script by Steve Conrad (Weather Man) offers a limited conception of happiness by equating it with material possessions like fast vehicles, large salaries, and plush living quarters. As a capitalist, Gardener is a master of the competitive game. We can only cheer him on as he triumphs over challenge after challenge and setback after setback.
The confidence and love of his kid are certainly what keep him going, but the movie would have us believe that anybody can achieve success if they try hard enough. As the gap between the affluent and the poor widens, what was true sixty years ago is no longer valid.
The film is driven by Will Smith’s vivacious performance, and the closeness between him and his son Chris feels natural.

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