Significance of Masjid e Ayesha For Budget Umrah Packages

Budget Umrah Packages

Masjid e Ayesha is the destination for Muslims who went to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Muslims have to visit this mosque for the performance of rituals of Budget Umrah Packages and Hajj as well. Another name for Masjid e Ayesha is Ta’neem mosque. Ayesha was the name of the wife of our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. This mosque is named after the name of the wife of our Holy Prophet PBUH.

Hazrat Ayesha R.A entered this mosque to enter the Ihram in this mosque for the performance of her Umrah pilgrimage. Holy Prophet PBUH said that to travel in the way of Allah Almighty and to go out of the city is part of Hajj and Umrah. This act is included in the worship of Hajj and Umrah.

About Masjid e Ayesha:

When we read the history of Masjid e Ayesha then we come to know why it is a station for wearing Ihram. Muslims visit Masjid e Ayesha before the performance of their Hajj or Umrah. They dress up in their Ihram clothing in this mosque and after that, they go for performing Umrah. There are bathing facilities and washrooms for everyone in this mosque.

There are a lot of vendors around this mosque who are selling the important things needed here. The things that we need here are the Ihram clothing, money belts, and slippers. Pilgrims start their Umrah journey from Masjid e Ayesha. It is because Masjid e Ayesha is the place where pilgrims enter the state of Ihram. If any of the pilgrims enter for performing Umrah or Hajj without wearing Ihram then their Hajj or Umrah is not valid. The validity depends upon the wearing of the Ihram. You will visit Masjid e Ayesha when you go t perform Umrah by availing of Budget Umrah packages.

History And Significance Of Masjid e Ayesha:

Hazrat Ayesha R.A entered the state of Ihram in this mosque. After entering the state of Ihram, she comes to know about her menstruation. But she continued her Umrah journey and do not quit her Umrah journey. When Holy Prophet PBUH came to know about her state, He allowed her to complete her Umrah. But after that, she only performed that Umrah and quit her next Umrah journey. She attains the state of Ihram for the sake of the Holy Prophet PBUH.

After performing Umrah, she went back and did not perform another Umrah. This permission was given to her and all other women of this state by Holy Prophet PBUH. During this state, Holy Prophet PBUH gave her instructions and she followed his instructions. Holy Prophet PBUH asked her to go ahead with Hajj. He advised her to complete all the rituals of the sacred pilgrimage but not perform Tawaf.

She did all that she instructed. Holy Prophet PBUH asked her to complete the Tawaf after the end of menstruation. After the performance of Hajj, Hazrat Ayesha R.A asked Holy Prophet PBUH that you have performed Hajj and Umrah as well but I have performed only Umrah. Then she went to Ta’neem with her brother and performed Umrah in the month of Dhul-Hijjah.

5 Things To Know About Masjid e Ayesha:

  • The majority of the people call this mosque Masjid e Ayesha. There are also some other names for this mosque. These names are Masjid e Ta’neem and Masjid e Umrah. Some people call it by the name Masjid e Ayesha while other people call it by other names.
  • Masjid e Ayesha is a place which is designed for the people who visit Saudi Arabia for Umrah. They enter Masjid e Ayesha and enter into the state of Ihram. The people who want to perform Umrah must enter this mosque before starting their Umrah journey. Masjid e Ayesha is Miqat for the people of Mecca who are performing Umrah.
  • Pilgrims come from different countries of the world to perform Umrah. There are a lot of people who want to perform multiple Umrahs. For the performance of multiple Umrahs, they have to enter Masjid e Ayesha several times whenever they are going to perform Umrah. Pilgrims have to visit this mosque every time they are doing an Umrah. They have to enter the state of Ihram in this mosque.
  • Reaching this mosque is not an important task. You can easily reach this mosque by traveling on a bus. Simply you can get a bus from the outskirts of Haram.
  • The reason why pilgrims visit this mosque is to enter the state of Ihram. This is because Hazrat Ayesha R.A enters the state of Ihram with companions.

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Wearing Of Ihram In Masjid e Ayesha:

Ihram is the state which every Muslim has to enter before the performance of the Umrah journey. Pilgrims must have to enter this state before they start their journey. If a pilgrim goes to perform Umrah or Hajj without wearing Ihram then their Umrah journey will remain incomplete. The Umrah journey is invalid without wearing Ihram. This mosque is the Miqat for the people who are performing Hajj or Umrah.

One more important thing about the state of Ihram is that you have to enter this state every time you are going to perform an Umrah. For example, if you have performed Umrah one time and you are willing to perform Umrah a second time then you have to follow the same process again. You have to come out of Masjid-Al-Haram and enter Masjid e Ayesha. Here you will repeat the process of Ihram and then you will be ready to perform Umrah again.

Facts About Masjid e Ayesha:

There are some important facts about Masjid e Ayesha. Let’s take a bird’s eye view of these facts. These facts are given below:

  • The location of Masjid e Ayesha is the Al Hill area. This area is almost 5 miles away from the Holy Kaaba. You have to travel 5 miles from the House of Allah Almighty to Ta’neem and you will reach Masjid e Ayesha.
  • The area of Masjid e Ayesha is for the pilgrims to enter into the state of Ihram. One must visit Masjid e Ayesha to wear Ihram before starting Umrah. You can avail of the budget Umrah packages to visit this mosque and perform Umrah.
  • When you want to perform Umrah multiple times then you have to visit this mosque multiple times also.
  • There is a peaceful environment in this mosque. It has two entrance doors for the pilgrim’s ease so that they did not face any difficulty in the days of the crowd. One door is for females and the other door is for males
  • This mosque has an ample state for men and women as well. In this ample state, they can change into the Ihram attire.

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In short, Masjid e Ayesha has great importance in the life of Muslims. They must visit Masjid e Ayesha whenever they go to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah or Hajj. There are the best budget Umrah packages available for you by Makkahtours. Come and avail the packages.

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