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As Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent was shown in a portrait in London. The photographer Rory Lewis (2022). Rory Lewis is available for portrait commissions in London, New York, and Los Angeles.

The book British Royal Portraits from Holbein to Warhol documents how the monarchy has evolved. The exhibition not only highlights the numerous figures who have controlled Britain since the late 1400s, for better or worse,

The public’s opinion of the royal family changed as a result of the widespread reproduction of royal photographs; this standard is still upheld today for the royal family.

Everything You Need to Know

A popular new source for contemporary commissioned painting is Regal Portraits. The tunes of the summer are retro and vintage, but these pieces of art go much further and emulate the style of ancient paintings.

Describe Regal Portraits

Regal Portraits are individualized works of art done in the manner of portraits of royal families. The goal is to replicate pieces of art that you would often find in museums. You can order a comparable painting made from your images through our website. royal portrait picture consequently resemble a realistic drawing of a royal family.

How Can a Regal Portrait Be Customized?

For individuals who want to order such photo-based portraits in the USA and abroad, there are numerous possibilities available. There are numerous printing options, to start.

You may, for instance, ask for an easel-back canvas to put on your table. The most common choice, however, is to get wrapped canvas prints because they go better with contemporary decor.

If you are a couple in the USA and want to acquire customized canvas art to commemorate your union, you must first place your order and include a photo—or several photos—with it. Following your approval, our designers will create a unique portrait for delivery.

Price Range                  

Prices for personalized royal portraits can vary depending on a number of aspects if you wish to purchase them in the USA. These include, in particular: the number of individuals in the shot; the type of portrait print (Easel-back canvas, Poster, or Canvas Wrap);

Although the commissions for various designs could fluctuate, we can provide typical starting costs. Typically, a single-person photograph costs $49 to purchase. The beginning price is $78 for two faces from images of adoring couples, and $107 for families.


These portraits are becoming increasingly popular as they spread across the USA. Why is clear to see? A terrific gift idea is to create wall portraits from photographs. For everyone who adores the ambiance and romance of monarchy, regal portraits make the ideal gift.

You can use our website to make a fully personalized, independently crafted regal image that perfectly matches your artistic concept. Simply choose the images you want to use and the royal portrait that will serve as a template.

And our team of artisans will work with you to create an original illustrated masterpiece that is superior to and totally different from the copy-paste royal portraits offered by our competitors.

Art and science

The Festival of Britain, a national celebration of British culture and a catalyst for post-war renewal, is conducted in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Great Exhibition of 1851.

Under the direction of the architect Hugh Casson, the South Bank neighborhood of London underwent a significant renovation project in addition to a number of art, science, and industrial displays and events.


The Pacific War, the final theatre of the Second World War, is finally put to a conclusion when 48 nations sign the Treaty of San Francisco with Japan.

Could you please elaborate on this picture? Do you know anything that we don’t know, or have you found an inaccuracy or missing information (such as the life dates, occupation, or familial connections of a sitter)? Fill out the form below if you have information to offer.

The Coronation

Three million people lined the streets between Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey on the morning of June 2, 1953, to watch the Gold State Coach pass by.

More than a million people gathered in front of recently purchased televisions to see the investiture of Britain’s youngest monarch since Queen Victoria. The Coronation signaled the start of a new era for many people.



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