A Mesmerizing Experience to Devkund Waterfall Trek

Devkund Trek


Devkund waterfall known as the “Bathing Pond of Gods” is situated near Bhira, Maharashtra, India. The waterfall is a junction of three waterfalls and is known as the origin of the Kundalika River. It is a 3-hour-long trek from the base village to Devkund. On the way, you see a dam backwater and trail through dense forests. The trek involves a trail through semi-dried forests with flowing rivers and crisscrossing routes. It is advisable to trek with a guide or an experienced trekker because of the dense forests around. 

Devkund waterfall is a great tourist attraction for enjoying and taking baths under it justifying the title “Bathing Pond of Gods”. You will witness the epitome of beauty of the waterfall with a therapeutic sound of crystal clear falling water and petrichor (smell of wet soil). The place is unspoiled, pure, and magical. 

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Short Overview:

Location  Bhira in Raigad District, Maharashtra, India
Starting Point for the trek  Bhira Village
Maximum altitude  2,700 ft (822.96 meters)
Duration  1 Day
Time taken  1.5 to 2 hours for one side 
Distance to be covered  5 to 6 kilometers for one side
Difficulty level  Moderate 
Endurance  Medium 




From Pune  110 Kilometers (5 hours)
From Mumbai  170 Kilometers (7 hours) 
From Lonavala  52 Kilometers


By air-

In Maharashtra, there are Pune and Mumbai with respective International airports. After reaching the Pune airport you can take a taxi or cab to reach the bus station and change buses from Khopoli and Pali to reach Bhira village because there is no direct route. From Mumbai airport, you can take a cab to Karjat and then take a bus to Pali and change from there to reach Bhira village.

By rail-

Nearest railway junctions are Mangaon railway station on the Konkan railway which is 30 kilometers away and Lonavala railway station on the central railway which is 82 kilometers away. After reaching the station you can take a taxi or cab to Bhira village. 

Note- Some trekking or travel agencies include pick-up and drop-off facilities in their respective packages. 


  • Devkund waterfall trek is a 1-day trek taking 5-6 hours in total (including ascending and descending). 
  • The trek starts early in the morning after having a vegetarian breakfast at the starting point in Bhira village. 
  • While ascending and descending, you will experience the beauty of nature which involves scenic views of mountains, valleys,  running rivers, lush greenery, and dense and semi-dried forests.
  • There are plain trails in the majority with some medium ascent of 300 ft. 
  • At the end see with your naked eyes the Devkund waterfall cascading down from 80 meters of height on a rocky surface, forming a 30-meter diameter natural pool. 
  • Enjoy the scenic view of Bhira dam and Tamhini ghat on the trek.
  • While descending, a scrumptious vegetarian lunch will be waiting for you on the base camp (starting point). 

Tips to remember:

  • Do not consume alcohol or smoke because no consumption of alcohol or smoking is tolerated on the trek.
  • Keep your eyes on your belongings because management is not responsible for any loss.
  • If you feel sick, immediately inform the leader or guide. 
  • Listen and learn the instructions by heart given by the guide.
  • Before the trek, contact and consult our doctor.
  • Washrooms are available at the base camp only.

Things to carry on the trek:

  • Valid ID proofs like an aadhar card, PAN card, voter ID card, or driving license. 
  • Hiking or sports shoes that are comfortable for you.
  • Water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Extra clothing like jackets to cover yourself if you take a bath under the Devkund waterfall. 


As mentioned above, the trek is approximately 2 hours long for one side, you will witness a lot of beauty and unspoken beauty on the trail. The most beautiful scenic view is Bhira lake with a small hut on the bank in the dense forest. Throughout the trail, you will witness the lush greenery with tiny waterfalls on the sides.

The best thing to experience is crossing running rivers which is a little difficult, especially in monsoon season as the level of water rises. When you look up, you can see the clear blue sky with beautiful white clouds over the mountains. As you trail near and near the sound of the waterfall increases creating the curiosity of reaching more early.  Once you reach the destination, you can not prevent yourself from getting immersed in the reservoir. 


The trek is perfect for beginners because most of the trek is flat ascending. 


Best time to visit:

Best time to enjoy the waterfalls is the monsoon season. The amount of water in the streams entirety depends on rain and you can see a good flow of water until mid of October. It is risky to trek in heavy rainfall, so depending on the weather conditions the waterfall is closed to visitors. So, it is highly advisable to contact local villagers and your guide before the trek. Also to experience a less crowded waterfall then start your trek early. 

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