How Does Snapscore Work? How to Calculate Snapchat Score?

What is snapscore

Nowadays people don’t use Snapchat only to take pictures with different filters and for making videos. People notice Snapchat and compare it with other people and get excited when their snap score is higher than the other one. If you are new to Snapchat or you have never heard of the snap score so first, we will see what is snap score. And other details about Snapchat related to snap score in this guide. 

What is a Snap Score? 

Snap score is a kind of tally or score about the activities you have done on Snapchat like sending snaps to someone, receiving snap videos, photos, and many other activities. You can see your snap score by going into your Snapchat setting and on the top you will see it. 

How to See Your Snap Score? 

To see your snap score go to your profile which is in the left corner. After opening your profile below your Avatar you will find your snap score. 

How to See Your Friend’s Snap Score? 

Go to your profile, and click on my friends’ option. Now click on the name of your friend and you will be able to see your friend’s Snap score.

How Does Snap Score Work? 

It is very simple to understand how Snap scores work. A few factors play an important role to make the snap score. These are how many friends you have added, snaps received, snaps sent, stories you have posted, and maintaining the Snapchat streaks with your friends. All these factors combine and make your snap score. 

How Does your Snap Score Go Up? 

To find out how your Snapchat score goes up. You need to take care of three things. First, you need to send and receive snaps. It will make your snap score go up. If you post a story on your Snapchat it will also add to your snap score and viewing your friends’ stories will also do the same. Scrolling down and watching videos in the discovery will also add to your snap school and increase your snapchat score. These are the three things you need to take care of but there is an exception where the Snap score does not add. Sending and receiving direct messages on Snapchat does not help you to add a snap score. 

How is the Snap Score Calculated? 

The snap score is calculated based on how much you are active on Snapchat in sending and receiving snaps from your friends. Posting stories and scrolling down the discovery feed. Open your received snaps regularly. Maintaining a snap score is only for entertainment purposes but for some people it gives them great joy. 

Can you Buy a Snap Score? 

Yes, you can buy a snap score and increase your Snapchat in just one minute. Visit the Snapchat Score and boost your Snapchat but there is one condition your username should be the same as last year. 

What to Do If My Snap Score is not Increasing? 

If you are active on Snapchat and still you are not seeing an increase in your snap school then it is not a big problem to worry about. Maybe you are using the updated version of Snapchat go on the Google Play Store and see if there is an update showing for Snapchat if there is then update it. The second option you can do is to log out from your Snapchat and then log in again. 

Does Anyone Have the Highest Snap Score? 

There are no clear statistics about it but according to FreshersLive. Username Dion-19 has maintained a snap score of over a 61million. 

Does Snap Score Go Down?

No, your snap score does not go down. If you become inactive on your Snapchat then from the day of your inactivity your snap score will stop increasing and after some time when you come back, you will see that same snap score. It will neither increase nor decrease. 

I hope the information provided in this guide is helpful to you. By maintaining Snapchat school you will only get appreciation in the Snapchat app, which will not benefit you in your daily life. However, interacting on Snapchat is a great way of socializing and making new friends.

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