A Sneak Peek of the 3D Ultrasounds We Provide

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ultrasound? For many people, it’s an image of a pregnant woman lying on an exam table while her doctor or midwife conducts an ultrasound of her baby with a machine that resembles an old-fashioned TV with a wand attached to it. A Sneak Peek of the 3D Ultrasounds We Provide These 2D ultrasounds were revolutionary when they were introduced into medical practices in the early 1980s and have since grown in popularity and have become more commonplace, but have you ever wondered what the future of ultrasounds looks like? Baby Envisions Providing Best Team off ultrasounds.

Why Choose Us?

We are proud to be one of the first providers in our area to offer a sneak peek of our 3d ultrasounds. Here at Gentle Derm, we want you and your family to feel like royalty during your appointment. With a sneak peek, we can show you what is happening inside your womb and take away any anxiety you may have had about not knowing what’s going on in there. From getting to see your baby for the first time or seeing them sucking their thumb; a sneak peek is always an exciting experience! As far as safety goes, all of our ultrasound imaging equipment meets or exceeds safety standards set forth by federal regulations and guidelines. In addition, our ultrasound technician has over 10 years of experience working with children which means they know how to get great images that won’t hurt your baby! At Gentle Derm, we’re committed to providing you with excellent care every step of the way so that you’ll never forget this amazing experience!

What is a 3D Ultrasound?

Ultrasound imaging, or sonography, is a technique that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the inside of your body. The image is created by these sound waves bouncing off your internal organs and reflecting back to a detector, where they are translated into an image. Unlike other imaging techniques (such as X-ray), ultrasound does not use ionizing radiation. In recent years, this technique has become very popular because it is safe for both mother and child, and it can provide detailed images without any discomfort or inconvenience. A Sneak Peek of the 3D Ultrasounds We Provide Nowadays, most sonographers will use two probes (commonly called transducers) in order to scan your entire abdomen at once.

How is the Procedure Performed?

One of the newer technologies we offer at Our 4 Diagnostic Imaging Centers is a sneak peek 3d ultrasound. This technology not only provides more detailed images, but it also allows parents to see their child in three dimensions before he or she is born. The process begins with our technologist taking measurements and placing a gel on your stomach. Next, she will use either an abdominal probe or transvaginal probe to take pictures of your baby and add those pictures to the images from your first trimester screening (or second if you were unable to get one). Once that is done, we can print out all of these images for you in a variety of sizes—from wallet size to a poster!

What are the Benefits of a 3D Ultrasound?

A 3D ultrasound can provide a sneak peek at what your baby will look like. You’ll be able to see facial features, including their nose, eyes and mouth. This can help you predict what they might look like when they’re born. They may even have a little bit of hair on their head! You’ll also be able to see them suck their thumb or yawn in the womb. Not only will this show you that they are safe and happy, but it may also help prepare you for labor and delivery. Unlike traditional 2D ultrasounds, 3D ultrasounds allow you to see more than just an outline of your baby’s face. It provides much more detail about your child’s body size and shape.

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We know that our patients come to us with a wide range of needs, so we provide them with a variety of imaging services. For example, many women come to us for a pregnancy ultrasound, and others come to get their gallbladder or urinary tract scanned. Today, we want to give you an early peek at some new technology that’s coming soon: 3D ultrasounds! If you’re thinking about scheduling your next appointment with us, be sure to ask about this amazing new service. You’ll be glad you did. From pregnant mothers who are anxious to see their babies in 3D to doctors looking for the tiniest detail in any medical case, 3D ultrasounds will change how we do business here at ABC Radiology forever. Get ready, because these are going to be big!


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