We all use Instagram, right? And we have some Instagram followers. Some Instagram users have a huge number of Instagram followers. But, if you’re wondering how to post on Instagram without notifying followers, you’re not alone! So, let’s find out!

When you have an exceptional photo or image that you like, you don’t know what it will look like on your Instagram feed. In that case, it would be wonderful for you to have a method to post on Instagram. If you have a lot of Real Instagram followers, posting without anyone seeing your post is impossible, and even if you do, you can’t leave it on the platform for too long.

What can you post on Instagram without anyone seeing it?

If you are a user with people who follow you on Instagram, it is impossible to publish without being seen by your followers. There is no feature available on Instagram that allows you to block people from seeing specific posts. Every post you share on your Instagram with your followers will end up being seen by people. There are also ways to post things on Instagram but no one sees them or only a few users.


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Can you post on Instagram without anyone seeing it on your feed?

It is impossible to post a message on Instagram without it being seen in their feed. If you make a post on Instagram and their feeds are refreshed when the post is published, they will see your post. If your Instagram account is not private, your followers will see your post as long as it is still there. If you have a public account, anyone who visits the profile can see the post.


How to post on Instagram without notifying followers?

You can upload content to Instagram without your fans knowing about it, simply by saving the post as soon as you upload it. If someone has set up post notifications for you, you’ll need to tell them to turn them off since they’ll be notified immediately after you post.


1. Archive the photo as soon as you download it

If you plan to post something on Instagram but want to upload it to your account without viewing it or even being able to like it after uploading it, then you should archive your post immediately after uploading it. When you archive your post, as soon as you have downloaded it, it is important to keep it archived until a minimum of 48 hours before the time when you can unarchive it. This will ensure that it won’t be visible on any feeds to entice them to share it. If you delete the post, it will remain on your feed, but only users who log into your profile will be able to reply to or like it, and it will not appear on any feeds.

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2. Tell people to turn off the notifications you post for yourself.

If you have notifications on your posts that you can turn on, you’ll need to tell them to turn off the notifications since they’ll notify you immediately after you post a post. Someone needs to manually disable the notification for your post, which means they have to manually disable it. If you want to post a message without being notified by anyone, you must first make sure that everyone who has notifications for your message turns off the notification. To do this, simply make a post on your blog that says “If you have disabled notifications for my articles, please disable them”. Once they turn off notifications, they won’t notice when you post unless they use the


3. Make sure to post a recent update

Before posting, make sure you’ve already posted. If you haven’t posted in a while, Instagram will let all of your followers know that you haven’t updated in a while. This may encourage them to check out your latest post. If you don’t want people to be notified when you post, make sure you’ve recently posted, otherwise a lot of people will notify you.


4. Upload it to an account that has no followers.

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If you want to upload an image or video to your account so no one can see it, and you want to see what the image or video will look like in your feed, you could upload the latest posts you have posted on an account that has no followers. Then, from there, you can upload the image that you don’t want people to see to your account. This allows you to check what the post will appear against the rest of your posts if you had uploaded it to your main Instagram account with followers.


You have successfully learned How to post on Instagram without notifying followers, and if you want to know more, do not hesitate to take a look at our articles.



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