Why Is CENOMAR So Important?


Why the CENOMAR is so important can be best replied to in a single line, that the attested letter proves that the bearer is single or unmarried. This document proves that a person is not into a marriage contract. The CENOMAR, also known as a Certificate of Singleness or a Certificate of No Record of Marriage, is one of the conditions for obtaining a marriage license.

What Is A Bachelorhood Document?

A bachelor’s proof is a document that verifies that a person is unmarried and single. Before getting married in India, there is no need to send a show-cause notice to prove the spouse’s single status. However, if an Indian Non-Resident Indian (NRI) wishes to marry outside of India, he must demonstrate that he is currently single. Almost all European countries, as well as several Asian countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, China, and Indonesia, have provisions for presenting a certificate of no marriage record (CENOMAR). Despite having varied names, the motto of all of these documents is the same, which is to verify an individual’s singleness.

If you are getting married, you will need to have more information about CENOMAR. You can get further information about the legal proof once you have finished reading the article.

Why Is CENOMAR So Important?

The importance of the singleness document lies in the fact that it is required for each and every transnational marriage. It’s also necessary to make sure that the civil status of the person you are marrying is still single and unattached. This is significant because any marriage formed while another is still in existence is deemed null and void.

The Need For A Single Status Document Falls Under Many Other Criteria:

  1. The form, which shows that a person is unmarried, is a legal necessity in every country.
  2. It also aids in the prevention of crimes such as polygamy and illicit weddings.
  3. Furthermore, a simple declaration declaring marital status is not valid, and the Relationship Status Certification must undergo a certificate apostille to ensure its authenticity.
  4. The document of no record of marriage makes the document valid and acceptable in any country.

Synonymous Name Of This Affidavit:

  1. Certificate of No Record.
  2. Certificate of No Impediment.
  3. Certificate of Nulla Osta.
  4. Single Status Statutory Declaration.
  5. Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage.
  6. Certificate of Celibacy.
  7. Certificate of Freedom To Marry.
  8. Unmarried Certificate.

What Is Single Status Statutory Declaration Attestation?

It is a legal declaration that you are single. Because he or she is not bound by matrimony, a divorcee is also considered a bachelor. Validation of a document is accomplished by attestation. This legal proof is stamped by the concerned authority. It verifies the authenticity of your credentials. Many additional authorities, including the state government, the federal government, and the foreign embassy, attest to it. Marriage is not the only sole cause that pushes you to get this proof attested.

There Are Many Other Reasons, Like:

  1. Employment visa.
  2. Family residence visa.
  3. Higher education.
  4. Admission to a foreign school/college.

Required Documents For The Authorization

CENOMAR is an important document that requires several documents for authorization, which are:

  • Application form of CENOMAR.
  • Identity proof (Aadhar card, PAN card, Ration card).
  • Birth proof.
  • Affidavit of the applicant’s parents stating their consent.
  • Joint affidavit stating the intention of seeking this credential, i.e. marriage.
  • Original employment letter.

How Service Providers Can Help You In Getting A Document Of Freedom To Marry?

Service providers assist in making numerous procedures that are required on a regular basis considerably easier, assuring client pleasure. By connecting you with an accessible team and accommodating service, your agent can ensure that they deliver explicit and legitimate services. All you have to do now is fill in the necessary facility information, upload and submit your original documents, and complete an online transaction. They will deliver the stamped certificates and translated paperwork as per your request while you relax.


Why the CENOMAR is so important has several befitting replies while the one that suits most is that it is required for getting married in a foreign country ensuring that there are no cases of fraud and this also permits a person to marry in a distant country with his or her own spouse after calling them from their home country and completing the necessary formalities in the place where they will marry.

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