How can you help your booth staff succeed?

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Trade fairs support human interaction. The only difference between updating everything on your website and sharing at the trade show is human interaction. It is more valuable than we give it credit. Trade show success is all about how well your trade show booth is able to grab the attention of the customers and finally how well prepared your staff is to be able to convert the visitors into potential customers. It is imperative to say that the value of trained staff members on the exhibition floor cannot be underestimated. You can ask a few questions to yourself before you assign this important task to some of your employees.

  • Are the people I am appointing for the trade show knowledgeable enough about the business of our company?
  • Are the people I am appointing for the trade show professional and dependable?
  • Are the people I am appointing for the trade show good in communication skills?
  • Are the people I am appointing for the trade show capable of engaging the audience purposefully?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you have a green light for your support staff at the trade shows. A trained staff does not enhance your trade show experience, but they are essential for your trade show to be successful. Your trade show booth manufacturers will thank you for maintaining the booth image as valuable as they have delivered the high-end booth. If you have under-experienced and unprepared staff at your booth, no matter how attractive your trade show booth is, you will lose customers. Even if you have an average staff, you can train them to perform well in trade shows. Listed here are some of the ways in which you can help your booth staff succeed.

Train them about customer questions

There is generally a specific list of questions that are expected to be asked by the customers. You can prepare your staff in advance about how to address those questions and what is expected to be answered for that particular list of queries. Once in a while, a situation may arise when a customer asks questions that need expert advice to be answered but for most of the part, the answers can be rehearsed for the trade shows. Your exhibition booth design favors having a separate appreciation for trained staff after the trade show booth has served its purpose of getting more traffic.

Have a qualification checklist

You cannot just appoint anyone for the trade show. There has to be a qualification checklist for the staff to qualify as the right choice for your trade show. Consider behavioral values like pleasing personality, outgoing and confident, understanding, patient and well-mannered, etc. to decide if the person is right for the trade show.

Distribution of tasks

If your trade show size is quite noticeable that there will be many tasks at your booth, then divide your staff into small groups with a particular set of duties for each staff member. This will improve the management of the trade show booth and you will be able to analyze which area of your trade show booth requires more attention.

Know your customer type

Your staff should know the type of customer you are looking for. Communicating for a long time with visitors that do not have a chance to be converted into potential customers is only a waste of time and effort. If your staff member can gauge the type of customers to be approached, it can be a big help in your business.


It is a very good idea to have your trade show staff dressed up in the same attire. It gives a very professional look to the booth and more people are naturally attracted to a place that is sounding more reliable and professional from looks.


The most important part is to assess your team and consider replacing a staff member that you feel is not good for the trade show. You do not have the time of experimenting with your staff at the trade show. Keep some people as a backup for times if something is not going right at the trade show.

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