How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees 

Don’t like the use of insecticides or toxic chemical compounds to do away with wooden employee bees? Neither will we!

That’s why Best Bee Brothers specializes in all-natural answers for disposing of wooden worker bees and exclusive pests. Try a number of our favorite methods to keep off chippie bees definitely all 365 days round.

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Prepare To Prevent Carpenter Bees

Seal any timber divots or pre-modern holes in your wood. Every spring when girl carpenters begin looking for new homes, they search for cracks in the wooden as ideal locations to begin nests. In the fall, use wood putty or our wooden caulk, mainly sized for carpenter bee holes, to cover holes and cracks so your private home seems less unattractive within the spring.

Repair damage because of antique carpenter bee nests. Fall is the brilliant time to prepare for wood worker bees. The adults have died and the younger bees and larvae are hibernating within the tunnels, making autumn the least dangerous time to cope with contemporary nests. Apply almond oil or insert a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol into the nest. Then seal the doorway hollow with steel wool, wood dowels and timber putty.

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Spring – Catch Carpenter Bees Without Chemicals!

Plant wooden worker bee traps each spring! Even in case you don’t have lively wooden employee bee nests, traps are superb deterrents. The lure will draw any chippie bees out of the location earlier than they have got a danger to build a nest. This is the satisfactory way to apply your chippie bee lure. Each entice has a 15 foot walking radius, so plan for this reason! View our Carpenter Bee Trap and elimination merchandise here!

Now more durable than ever. Our Carpenter Bee Traps are honestly crafted from recycled ocean plastic, to present you a more holistic method to your absolutely herbal manner to do away with wood worker bees. To research greater about the pairing of OceanWorks and our gotten smaller manufacturing partner, visit Recycled Ocean Plastics.

Tips For Year-Round Natural Carpenter Bee Removal

Use a citrus spray to protect the timber. Citrus odors are surprisingly repulsive to chippie bees. You could make your personal citrus spray by boiling citrus peels in water for numerous hours and straining them right into a squirt bottle. Or you can purchase a few citrus spray from us! To shield your timber, spray your timber each few days, counting on the season. This method is incredible for patio and porch furniture in addition to play devices.

Use almond oil to repel. When achieved to timber, almond oil has a repellent effect much like citrus spray. Carpenter bees hate the scent and it’ll deter them from building a nest on sprayed timber. Some human beings have moreover had right good fortune spraying the hole of a new nest with almond oil to discourage contemporary wood worker bees. Mix almond oil with water to spray on wood, or follow the oil right now to timber worker bee nest holes.1

Use borate to deal with your wood! Apply borate timber treatment for your finished and unfinished wooden. While this solution isn’t always technically chemical-free, it is a brilliant way to protect your wood and save you any types of wooden-stupid bugs from coming into your house.2

Vacuum drives away carpenter bees. If you have a sturdy sufficient vacuum with a small attachment, you’ll be capable of get wooden employee bees out of their nest. This works first-rate whilst the nests are new and no longer too deep. Vacuuming will no longer dispose of any larvae, so make certain to seal the nest well after getting rid of the adults.

Play loud song! Some people have determined that playing loud tune near lively nests distracts carpenter bees, as a minimum for some time. This approach may go because wood worker bees are touchy to sound, and the vibrations of the tune would be ugly to them. This offers you an opportunity to restore the nest earlier than the adults move returned. After sealing the nest ensure to place a chippie bee lure on top to seize escaping person wood employee bees!

Hit them with the racket! Because carpenter bees are so massive, they make super goals for badminton and tennis rackets. We actually have electric powered rackets to assist p.C. A punch! It is definitely powerful at removing chippie bees that get too close to. However, they may be men, so unfortunately, killing them will not prevent the nest from developing. Collect any vain bees and area them in your wood worker bee trap to make the entice extra powerful. Watch our video to look the way it works.

Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in nests to kill larvae and bees. Diatomaceous earth is the fossilized remains of diatoms (algae). It is crafted from microorganisms that contact the exoskeleton of any insect and


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