Abu Dhabi Indian School Digital Campus for Students

An ideal school campus can largely impact a student’s learning. Abu Dhabi Indian School Digital Campus prioritizes providing the best campus to its students. The campus is destined to maximize the non-academic and academic potential of the students in every possible aspect. The school campus plays an intriguing role for students to execute their passion and turn it into career options, and the school campus provides all such options so that beloved students can always learn more and try out new activities. From hygienic canteens to spacious libraries, from beautiful classrooms to pristine swimming pools, they have a lot to offer to their students. Their campus also includes personal counseling according to the student’s requirements, special language learning programs such as KG 2 English, designated sporting events, and so on. As you go along reading the blog, you will learn about some of the excellent facilities that they provide to the students. 


Campus Facilities in Abu Dhabi Indian School Digital Campus


Montessori Lab


Children of ages 3-6, are at the crucial age of highest brain development and require special attention and specially designed curricula. Abu Dhabi Indian School provides the utmost attention to children’s education. The campus provides fun game areas, playgrounds, music learning classes for kids, language learning sessions such as KG 2 English classes, and the development of civic & social skills. The Montessori approach to learning sets our little wonders on the right path. 


Kindergarten Play Area 


Playing is a part of education for kids. And in addition to that, it develops the mental and physical proficiency of a child. Abu Dhabi Indian School provides special notice to that. The play area is specially designed for children so that they relish their childhood. 



A good library with a variety of books, and a good environment to read is a vital component of a school campus. Reading is probably the best habit that a student can acquire and the campus library aids it. It provides an environment perfect for reading books in peace. 


Indoor Temperature Controlled Swimming Pool 

Swimming pools are a must-have facility. As swimming pools are indoors, it is not dependent on weather conditions, and the temperature of the water can be controlled so that it is comfortable for the students. Swimming is a great form of exercise for students. 


Football Ground- Indoor & Outdoor 

In order to make the students remain physically active throughout the year,  both indoor and outdoor football grounds are one of the premium campus facilities. They have trainers for football enthusiastic students who want to take the game seriously. The indoor & outdoor facilities for football grounds make sure that the game does not become weather permitting. 


Instrumental Music Room 

Apart from education and sports, learning and acknowledging good music or musical instruments must also be a part of a student’s life. The campus has exclusive music rooms with dedicated teachers so that students can endorse music as their very own companion.  


IT Lab

This is a generation of growing technology and the internet. Students must cope with this rapid pace of scientific development, especially in the field of technology. This is where the steadfast IT Labs that are provided on the campus become crucial for the kids. Abu Dhabi Indian School Digital Campus wants to merge the wonders of science and technology into a student’s learning process. 


They follow the technological brilliance of the modern generation in the education they offer, and glimpses of that are seen in high-tech modern classrooms. The classrooms are full with a plethora of new-age gadgets and devices such as computers, smart boards, face recognition, fingerprint scanners and so on.


Dance Room

Music and dance go hand in hand. Along with dedicated music rooms, they also provide dance rooms with professional dance coaches for students. Students can naturally engage together while learning many contemporary and modern dance forms. Dance can develop a person emotionally, physically, and mentally. Dance can also be a source of joy for many students.  



GCIE provides students with the scope to innovate and create their ideas into reality models. Turning potential imaginative and innovative ideas into reality is the ultimate goal of the school. 


Audio-Visual Room 

Audio-visual rooms engage students to learn most effectively. It puts an enhanced impact on students as they can retain and remember every concept that is taught to them in an interesting audio-visual way. 


Campus Tour 

Parents get the campus tour in order to decide the best for their children. Parents can tour faculties, quality of education, curriculum activities, etc. One can simply book an appointment from the official website, and understand the facilities provided by the school. 


Final Words 

A good campus like Abu Dhabi Indian School Digital Campus leaves a deep impact during the growing phase of a child. It can play an imminent part in raising a civic-minded, well-educated, and responsible citizen for the future. There are a wide array of facilities that are provided to students on a daily basis and they come up with new additions frequently. In the Abu Dhabi Indian School Digital Campus, your child will grow in the best environment.

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