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Following the steps in this guide will help you properly recycle lead acid batteries.


Methods for Redeeming $10 Gift Card for Recycling Old Car Battery
– How to properly dispose of old sealed lead acid batteries by taking them to a hardware store.

Locations where you can drop off your used lead acid batteries for recycling.

Okay, so let’s begin.

Used battery collection bins are commonly available at auto parts stores.

In most areas, you can bring in your old battery to be recycled at any local auto parts store, such as AutoZone, advance auto parts stock, or Napa Auto Parts. They will recycle your old battery if you bring it to them.

Some auto parts stores, like AutoZone and Advance Auto, will give you a gift card for about $10 when you recycle an old car battery. This is not a terrible deal, actually.

Keep in mind that if you acquire a new car battery at the same time as your old one, you’ll often get a discount or credit for the old battery. The latest for advance auto parts promo code stock. This is because the customer was given back their initial deposit.

The next step is as follows:

  1. Beforehand, don’t just show up at the auto parts store without calling first. Find out if automotive batteries are accepted for recycling. Most sites accept old car batteries from the majority of states and advance auto parts stock automobiles.
  2. The piece of advice is to use a millivolt voltmeter to check the open circuit voltage of a battery to determine if it is within the range of a lead acid battery voltage chart before disposing of the battery. Maybe a charge is all that’s needed.
  3. Turn off the car’s power supply by leaving the engine running. Get rid of the garbage and then turn off the battery. Raise the battery holder and remove the strap. As a result, you’ll need to take the automobile’s battery out of the car.
  4. Then, you should recycle your old batteries. The counter at your local auto parts store is the place to leave it. Their services include taking care of the recycling for you.

Sealed lead acid batteries of any size can be recycled at major retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot (up to 11 pounds or 300 watt hours).

The next step is as follows:

  1. It is recommended that you check out Call2Recycle before doing anything else. This nationwide battery recycling project has numerous collection places, including Lowe’s, Staples, and Home Depot stores. More than 86% of North Americans live within a 10-mile radius of a collection site, according to data compiled by Call2Recycle.
  2. To find nearby drop-off locations, simply enter your current coordinates. A good example is when I typed in my own postal code. My neighbourhood actually has nine different places where you can leave your belongings.
  3. Third, I recommend using Earth911 if you have trouble locating an Advance Auto Parts store close to me. Users get access to a database of local donation and recycling centers.
  4. Find a place that will accept your used lead acid batteries for recycling. To find out if a particular establishment accepts rechargeable batteries, just click the little info icon that appears next to the name of the establishment in the search results.
  5. A new window will pop up, displaying the list of options. Home Depot will accept sealed lead acid batteries up to 11 pounds for recycling. Verify if your battery can survive in that temperature range.
  6. Drop off the battery to be recycled, number six. Most places where you can leave things are equipped with bins for doing so. While you’re at it, drop off your used rechargeable batteries at the nearest advance auto parts to be recycle. Totally free of charge!


  1. First, find places where you can recycle lead acid batteries. I am a resident of Atlanta, therefore I looked up “Atlanta recycling lead acid batteries” on Google. You may find information on how to recycle car batteries on the city’s website. Autos are powered by lead-acid batteries.
  2. Look for a place to recycle batteries in your area. Using the city’s website, I was able to track down a centre that accepts difficult-to-recycle materials.
  3. Batteries can be recycled at any local car parts store. It’s possible there’ll be a charge. Costs are based on the overall poundage of the battery.


If none of those options work, get your lead acid battery recycled. Put money into a battery recycling kit.

A compact battery recycling box from Call2Recycle may hold up to 25 pounds of batteries, while a big box can hold 40 to 50 pounds. A toolkit is available from Big Green Box. – Each shipment comes with its own recycle can, shipping label, and permission slip. There are often wattage and weight limits on kits. Please double-check before proceeding. Put your batteries in the provided container, add the label, and schedule a pickup as soon as the box arrives. The battery recycling programme is provided by the company.

Instead of getting a $10 gift card from an advance auto parts stock, sometimes your only option is to pay to recycle a lead acid battery.


The video summary provided by the Battery Council International is rather good.

All used lead acid batteries can be recycle.

Lead acid batteries that have reached the end of their useful life are reused. There are several places that recycle, including retailers selling auto parts, hardware stores, hardware stores, and local recycling centres.

As a result, recyclers transport them to a central processing centre. battery recycling facility subject to EPA oversight.

The recycling centre performs single-item tests for lead batteries. The lithium-ion batteries must be taken out since they pose a fire hazard.

Batteries are dismantled and the acid is drained by machines. The lead and plastic from the battery dissolve in the water. Since plastic floats and lead sinks, recycling can be simplified.

A new battery can be made from the molten, pristine lead. Almost all lead can be recycled in this way.

To create battery pellets, melted and cleaned recycled plastic is used. Almost all plastics can be recycled.

The most common byproduct of acid recycling is sodium sulphate. Laundry detergent and glass are two common uses for sodium sulphate.

A fresh battery can be created from recycled lead acid. The average EPA-approved lead acid battery contains between sixty percent and eighty percent recycled lead and plastic.

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