There are several gardening subscription services and online nurseries to choose from, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve seen plenty of advertisements like bloomscape vs the sill. Both businesses advertise their offerings, display their lovely plants, and provide convenient service and delivery to win you over.

The gap between what they advertise and what you really get may not be immediately apparent. The greatest gardening subscription service bloomscape coupon code is the one that delivers you the most for your money, so let’s compare two popular options.


The goal of Bloomscape is to strengthen your connection with the natural world. By giving detailed instructions and helpful pointers for maintaining your plant in its new home with every order, they streamline the plant-buying process.

Each plant has its own unique needs, and they’re here to assist you meet them. Which is why, even after you have your new pal in the mail, and their knowledgeable staff will be available to answer any queries you may have.


Bloomscape has a wide selection of houseplants for sale, starting at $35 and going all the way up to $195. When you order a plant from them, it will arrive in an ecopoet made from 80 percent recycled plastic. With very few exceptions, bloomscape vs the sill greenhouses can produce plants exactly as shown on their website.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, so Bloomscape has a policy of replacing your plant at no cost if it dies within 30 days. We’ve got your plant covered, whether it was harmed in transit or can’t seem to get settled in its new home.

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Bloomscape delivers bird’s nest ferns and dracaena green pearls. Use their filtering tools to locate the appropriate plant for your environment. You may sort plants by price, popularity, or special features like pet friendliness, light, and air-cleaning abilities.


Bloomscape provides customized plant pots. Only their regular ecopoet is available, although most plants come in stone, clay, charcoal, slate, and indigo. This adds color and excitement to a space.


Bloomscape transports plants carefully and has much of expertise, but only inside the US. That means they can’t ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or overseas, but purchases over $75 ship for free.


The Sill has everything you need to bring nature indoors. They started as an internet business based on the advantages of plants (brightening the room, cleansing the air, etc.). They’ve launched shops in LA, NYC, and SF. Like bloomscape vs the sill, they offer a competent staff to answer any inquiries about their plants.


Plant prices range from $5 to $154 and vary by kind. The Sill’s pot possibilities make many prices to start low and rise. Some plants are little or medium, but many are one size only.

Their plants ship in nursery pots inside your ceramic planter. The Sill knows how sensitive plants may be and wants to reduce shock. By avoiding repotting, they give your plant the greatest chance of life bloomscape vs the sill. Since it will have to acclimatize to your new environment, they don’t want it to change pots right away.


The Sill features 15 plant kinds you may explore or filter. You may also sort by size, from micro to medium (like a fiddle leaf fig). The Sill sells huge plants throughout NYC and NJ.


The Sill provides unique color and type planters for your property. Black, pink, cream, mint, and terracotta are typical hues. Some hues, such peach, white, forest, light pink, navy, and soft grey, are only available for particular planter kinds.

Seven planters are available. Not every plant (or plant size) has all the choices, however they differ in design, and one includes a drip tray. Most plants may ship in their grow pot. This works if you already have a pot that fits the plant.

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The Sill, like Bloomscape, only ships inside the U.S. Alaskans, Hawaiians, and overseas customers can’t order from The Sill.

Which gardening box is best? Both The bloomscape vs the sill contain various plants, so it depends on what you want, how much customization you want, and if the cost is worth it. Bloomscape is an eco-friendly pot that doesn’t need repotting. The Sill is better if you already have a planter you’d want to utilize. You pick which is better.


It would be silly not to remark that greenhouses worldwide have embraced this approach, but that’s not the purpose. Plant quality is under focus. Since most greenhouses are from doubtful sources, bloomscape vs the sill may be above-average.

The suppliers aren’t a major concern. Some greenhouses are provided within 30 days after purchasing, thus the plants are frequently without water or sunshine.

Bloomscape and The Sill recognize this, thus they provide quality and legacy above quantity.

Example: Bloomscape. Five generations of greenhouse growers and flower industry visionaries built the Bloomscape brand. Eliza Blank started The Sill, and she loves plants. You’re receiving more for your money than with a typical greenhouse.


  • Distinguishing Bloomscape from the Sill Plants
  • Invoices over $75 ship free.
  • $5 – $25
  • Ecopots’ Planters are made from Recycled Plastic and Save Trees. Made of XS Collection Clay Materials like ceramic, fiberglass, clay, and others may also be used.
  • Cup Capacity
  • There are five sizes available, starting with extra small and going up to extra-large.
  • There are a total of five sizes ranging from 2.5 inches to 12 inches.
  • Open Drainage Systems
  • Exchanges accepted within 30 days after purchase if plant dies or container is broken. No refunds will be given. There will be an option to return or exchange broken or dead plant containers. There is a lack of specificity and a time limit in the return policy’s wording.
  • Optional Plants
  • Numbering around 80
  • You may choose from around sixty (living) plants, plus other artificial, dried, or preserved alternatives.
  • Prices
  • $39 – $249
  • $5 – $115

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