A brief discussion on jet wash to get you accustomed

A brief discussion on jet wash to get you accustomed

Because there is no visible dirt or grime on the exterior home, it does not mean there is nothing there.  The dirt that accumulates there on the exteriors of a home does not always reflect the level of maintenance of your home. Your house – just like the others’ – is exposed to elements throughout the year. Thus the accumulation just happens. You cannot help it however hard you may try.

But that is never equivalent to saying that you should sit back idle and let dust and grime make your home appear dull and shabby. You should better use a pressure washer and get down to jet wash cleaning and remove years of dirt. This way it is easily possible bringing the exterior of your home back to life.

Now, that may sound easy enough but it is not really so! Mostly importantly you should know that pressure washers are likely to create damage if you do not know what you are doing. In other words you should do a little homework before getting started. In this guide we are going to discuss pressure washers. As such we will cover a number of topics relevant to it.

Choosing between an electric or gas pressure washer

Pressure washers have a pump attached to them. The pump increases the pressure of the water that flows out of the attached hose. The pump can either be powered by electricity or gasoline. Both the varieties have their individual pros and cons.

Pressure washers that run on gas

pressure washers that are powered by gas usually have higher PSI (Pounds of pressure per square inch area). As a result even the GPM capacity (or gallons of water per minute) of this range of products is much higher compared to that of the electric version. In other words, gas pressure washers save both your time and effort by cleaning up surfaces faster than their electric counterparts.

Gas pressure washer advantages

  • Gas based pressure washers are cordless. If there is no power outlet anywhere near, you can still continue with your task.
  • Compared to their electrical counterparts, this variety of pressure washers can provide you with a wide range of PSI and GPM levels.
  • A gas based model cleans faster and more efficiently while offering you greater options.

Gas pressure washer disadvantages

  • Gasoline models are much noisier than their electrical counterparts. They also produce more emission. A gas powered model should never be used indoors or in covered areas.
  • A professional with years of experience in providing  jet wash cleaning in London says gasoline engines require greater care and maintenance. Even the smaller gasoline models need to be given consistent maintenance. You have to change the oil periodically. The necessary fuel additives have to be used before storing the gadget for a longer time period.

Pressure washers that run on electric

In certain circumstance this range of pressure washers proves more convenient than their gas powered counterparts. In addition there is nothing to worry about gas fumes.

Advantages of electric pressure washers

  • This range of the gadget obviously does not produce any harmful emission. You could use an electric pressure washer indoors although you have to work out the passageway for water to drain out. You may also require getting hearing protection as well.
  • In contrast to gas pressure washers these one have nothing to do with oil changes and other maintenance regimen.

Disadvantages of electric pressure washers

  • If you want to get it straight, then an electric pressure washer is by no means anywhere near the power that a gas powered counterpart imparts in the flow of water jet. In order to clean a large and particularly dirty area a gas powered model will complete the task much faster than an electric one. Moreover it is more likely to deliver expected results as well.
  • Electricity powered pressure washers require an electric outlet. In other words these are not portable as gasoline ones.

Ideal size of pressure washer

Whether you choose a gas or electric powered pressure washer, you have to decide about the capacity or size of its engine. Just like in any other machine that is powered by an engine, the size or capacity of the engine determines the total power of a pressure washer. A small engine produces lesser output of water pressure compared to a large one. Water pressure is measured in ‘gallon per unit’. There are four different categories of engines for pressure washers. These include the following –

Light duty pressure washers – this category of gadgets produce water pressure levels that measure below 2,000 PSI. This range of pressure washers is ideal for cleaning household items, a patio, a small deck and such other items occasionally, explains a trained and skilled professional associated with the renowned VIP Carpet Cleaning London.

Pressure washers of medium density – if you want to clean your driveway, fencing or the sidings of your home, then this variety of pressure washers is more suitable. Water pressure that it produces, measures between the range of 2000 and 2800 PSI.

Heavy duty washer pressure – when your cleaning task requires the water jet to reach second storey, or you need to clean a large surface area made of concrete then a heavy-duty washer pressure is what you need. Water pressure that it produces is much higher than the two other categories mentioned earlier. The pressure measures between the range of 2000 and 2800 PSI.

Professional pressure washers – if you have to perform a lot of pressure washing  then you need a professional variety of pressure washer. This range of the tools is ideal when you prepare the exterior of your home for repainting. Unlike the other varieties it has an extra heavy-duty engine. The gadget completes big tasks easily that the other varieties of pressure washers take hours to complete. Usually a professional grade pressure washer creates a water pressure level of 3,300 PSI and higher.

Point to not: While choosing a pressure washer it is also important to the GPM measurement of the machine into consideration.  

Selecting a suitable nozzle

According to an experienced jet wash cleaning London professional, suggests you must be careful while selecting the nozzle for your pressure washer. The nozzle determines the angle of the water stream. As such angle is crucial in this aspect. The angle determines what your water stream can do. Compared to a spray with a large angle, a spray with a narrow angle is obviously more powerful and often more effective as well. It is also relevant mentioning that as far as pressure washer nozzles are concerned, the products are universally colour coded. The colours are red, yellow, green, white and black.

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