How to Design the Stunning Bath Bomb Boxes

custom printed bath bomb boxes

Bath bombs have suddenly turned into an essential element for a wide majority’s skin care range. Our skin care regimen suddenly seems to be incomplete without including these ‘explosively’ beneficial bombs. If you still haven’t used them lately, let me tell you why you should. Bath bombs are small bomb-like structures which are packed with the beneficial ingredients for skin. They mostly contain the essential oils like lavender oil or coconut oil along with the skin softening and cleansing agents. They leave your skin supple and soft to the touch irrespective of your skin type. When the bath bombs are dropped into the water, they release their content, making bathing a soothing activity. With the increasing popularity of bath bombs with every passing day, the custom printed bath bomb boxes manufacturing companies are trying to come up with new ways to make their products successful in the market. 

The most effective way to do so is through the alluring packaging. The bath bomb manufacturing companies are trying to present their bath bombs in the most attractive bath bomb boxes. The uniquely designed and professionally custom printed bath bomb boxes help the manufacturing companies gain the customers’ attention and beat their competitors. Here are a few tips to make your bath bomb boxes capable of enhancing your sales and making your product a success:

Try Unique Box Designs

Uniqueness is the key to attraction. Try to go for the innovative box designs which are pleasing to the eyes and yet different from the other bath bomb boxes on the same retail shelf. Your bath bomb boxes should be unique enough to be identifiable as your company’s product. 

To make sure that your box is different from the stereotype packaging. Try the die cut bath bomb boxes. These are especially economical when you are ordering in bulk. Most bulk boxes manufacturing companies offer the custom printed boxes without the additional charges for the die and plate and provide you with the bespoke boxes. 

Besides, bath bombs make perfect gifts for loved ones. So you can make your bath bomb boxes into gift boxes by adding special decorative features to them, like the bows,  ribbons, and flowers. It is a great way of making your box design even more attractive and beautifying it to make it into a great gift box. Besides, you can also add windows to your bath bomb boxes. These windows help enhance the sales through impulsive buying. The bath bombs showcased through window boxes have much greater chances to be purchased rather than those packed in the plain windowless boxes.

Rely Only on the Best Quality Printing

Besides a recognisable custom box design, the second most important thing to consider is the quality of print. Make sure that your box manufacturing companies use the highest quality water based inks.  Moreover, it should offer quality offset printing for the graphics which ask for more details. For the relatively simpler graphics, digital printing should do. 

Do not hesitate to try the additional printing options like gold and silver foiling, spot UV, embossing, and raised ink. These options help bring your logo to life and make it prominent. Hence these options are worth the money you spend on them. 

Ask for Mock Ups

It is immensely important that your box manufacturer provide a mock up for the box you order with them. If they don’t, then they are not dealing above board with you. A digital mock up will help you ascertain how the box would finally look like with all the details printed on it. 


If possible, go for a physical mock up as well. It is highly recommended for an even better idea of the final look of the box. It even lets you examine the accuracy of size because you can put your product into it. Besides, it allows you to get the feel of the final finishing. Hence, before you place an order in bulk, it is important that you are able to check the quality of the box in all respects. 

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