Private Delhi Agra Jaipur Golden Triangle Tour Package

Private Golden Triangle Tours

Plan the most luxurious vacation with the best Private Golden Triangle Tour Package this holiday. Explore the best of India by traveling to the most prominent Indian cities – Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. This tour will let you learn more about India’s culture, history, heritage, tradition, and cuisine. With LIH Travel’s Golden Triangle Holiday Packages, book your stays in the top five-star luxury hotels with stunning views, hospitality, and exceptional cuisines.

LIH Travel’s golden triangle India tours offer you private guided tours, visit the iconic UNESCO World Heritage Sites, explore the best local markets, and shop to your fullest. LIH Travel offers customizable trips, so you can opt for 5D/4N trips or add other locations, including Goa, Udaipur, or Ranthambore, for an extended vacation.

About The Private Golden Triangle Tour Package

LIH Travel offers the best golden triangle tour packages at the most affordable pricing. Moreover, this circuit is among the most traveled by both domestic and international travelers.

Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur comprise India’s famed Golden triangle trip route. It is the most famous tourist trip in India, and the majority of first-time visitors to India pick this itinerary before venturing to other parts of the country for a more in-depth Indian experience. It takes its moniker from the triangle formed by the towns of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, which are approximately 250 kilometers apart in Northern India. These three cities, Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, give memorable exposure to the nation for people on a short vacation to India. Moreover, their accessibility is excellent since they are all well-connected by road and ultra-fast trains.

If you do not prefer to ride the Indian railways, the preferable way to see India’s Golden Triangle is via car. LIH Travel offers air-conditioned and professional drivers during the golden triangle in India.

All-inclusive Golden Triangle India tours are the finest choice for first-time visitors to India who want all of their travel plans to be handled. Hence, book your packages with LIH Travel.

About Delhi

The first stop will be Delhi during your Private Golden Triangle Tour Package. From there, you may explore Old Delhi and New Delhi and the famous monuments, bazaars, etc.

A few days spent in Delhi may be a remarkable experience. On the one side, as you leave the airport, you’ll witness the opulence of New Delhi, the wealth, and the upscale shopping malls and marketplaces. While on the other side, whenever you visit Old Delhi, you’ll experience real India. The commotion, the chaos, and the attractiveness as the city unfold before you throughout the day. There are several Monuments, Forts, and Markets to visit and shop at during the Private Golden Triangle Tour Package. Typically, two to three days are necessary to explore Delhi.

Also, when in Delhi, don’t miss out on sampling the street food since these foods will give you an authentic Indian food experience.

About Agra

Agra, situated on the Yamuna River in Uttar Pradesh, is a renowned tourist attraction. It is the next destination on your Private Golden Triangle Tour Package. Because of the Taj Mahal, among the Seven Wonders of the World, Agra is a famed destination. As the most iconic structure in India, no words can adequately describe how it would be to witness the Taj Mahal at sunrise.

There is a lot more to Agra than the Taj Mahal. Agra Fort is another World Heritage site, and Fatehpur Sikri, the ruined red sandstone city of Emperor Akbar, isn’t far from Agra.

In addition to its landmarks, Agra also offers culinary delights. It is equally renowned for its Petha. Sadar Bazaar or Kinnaari Bazaar is the greatest place to purchase Agra’s marble artifacts.

Agra is often explored on a one-day excursion from New Delhi or other neighboring towns in Uttar Pradesh. However, it is well worth the journey. Expect to be startled, inspired, and fascinated during the Private Golden Triangle Tour Package.


The city of Jaipur, called the Pink City, provides an entirely different experience than Delhi and Agra during your Private Golden Triangle Tour Package. Jaipur offers an abundance of historic forts and palaces, royal homes, and shopping options. Again, the journey time between Agra or Delhi and Jaipur is around four to five hours. Also, Jaipur is well-connected by rail to both Agra and Delhi. In addition to contemporary conveniences, Jaipur is home to a few of the world’s most fascinating resorts and hotels. Further, the city has an international airport and excellent rail and road connections.


Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra are indeed the three destinations that will captivate your thoughts and transport you to the realm of the Mughals and Maharajas. Get the best golden triangle tour packages from LIH Travel. Customize your itinerary today.

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