5 Perfume Boxes That Will Charm Your Customers

custom perfume boxes

When it comes to perfume boxes, the need of the customer is more important than that of the designer. The labels and shades used should be attractive enough to increase the customer’s interest in it. Your presentation of the box should not overstate but stylishly used for maximum effect. Check out these fabulously designed custom perfume boxes and choose the one that will appeal to your customers.

Lift Top Perfume Boxes Wholesale 

Lift-top perfume boxes wholesale are a great tool for companies that want to make their packaging stand out. They’re also a great choice for cosmetics and other products to display on a shelf.

Lift-top boxes are cardboard boxes, with a lid that lifts to reveal the contents of the box. The top of this type of box can create a design or message that matches your brand. The lid can also feature graphics or copy if you want them there as well.

Lift-top boxes are a great way to turn your customers’ heads. Their unique design brings a touch of class to your item, and the lid reveals the product inside. These boxes package luxury items like perfume or jewelry, so they help set you apart from the competition.

Single Fold Sleeve Luxury Perfume Packaging 

Single fold sleeve luxury perfume packaging is a great choice for perfume boxes. They’re sturdy, durable, and can match any branding and design. In addition to being stylish, single-fold sleeve boxes are also affordable!

They have a flat bottom and open top, which makes them easy to fill with your products without having to worry about spillage or leaks. They also have an attractive exterior design that will draw customers’ attention while they browse in-store displays.

These types of perfume boxes feature a square or rectangular shape with one side folded over, creating a flap that protects the product inside from damage. They often pack perfumes, lipsticks and other small cosmetics items. They’re also great for perfumes. Especially, if your brand has a strong visual identity that reflects in the packaging!

Rigid Custom Perfume Packaging

Rigid boxes are corrugated custom perfume packaging that have corrugated fluting on the inside and outside walls. Corrugated fluting is what gives this type of box its rigidity and strength. The corrugated fluting allows these types of boxes to withstand heavy weights without bending or breaking under pressure from the contents inside them. You can also recycle these kinds of boxes easily once no longer needed. Therefore they’re great for eco-friendly packaging solutions as well!

Rigid boxes are the most versatile and cost-effective packaging option on this list, as they can be used for any number of purposes. They are made of a rigid material that provides protection and is usually either corrugated or paperboard. Their size ranges from small to large, but their shape is always rectangular. The most common uses for these types of boxes include:

  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Storage
  • Protection
  • Product Packaging

Pillow Perfume Boxes Packaging

Pillow perfume boxes packaging are the perfect perfume packaging choice for customers who want something special. If you’re looking to create an elegant, high-end feel, this is the box for you. You can choose from a variety of sizes and colors, including white or black, to meet your customers’ needs. Pillow boxes also offer a lot of versatility when it comes to designs—you can use any type of insert or closure that fits into the box.

These boxes are also perfect for perfumes, soaps, lotions, lotion bars, and other bath and body products. One common way to use a pillow box is by using it as a gift set for your customers. You can put several bottles inside the pillow box, and then give it as a gift to someone special in their life. This will increase sales as well as increase brand awareness!

Customers will love receiving their product in this beautiful packaging!

Gable Custom Packaging

Gable custom packaging is named for their resemblance to a gable roof. These boxes are usually made of corrugated cardboard, and they have flaps that fold in to form the walls. They can be used as small gift boxes or as packaging for larger items.

The design of gable boxes makes them ideal for holding items that need to hold securely in places, such as perfume, jewelry, or other small items. Gable boxes are available in many sizes and with various features, including hinged lids and reinforced corners. Companies also sell them with inserts that fit into the bottom of the box. So, you can easily insert your products into them.

The most common type of gable box is an open-top box. It has no lid but does have flaps on all four sides folded down to close off the top of the box. This kind of box allows customers a full view of the contents inside without having to open up anything first.


The fragrances in the box are placed in a way that they are divided into two halves and one is on top of the other. See-through custom perfume boxes have gained importance due to the evolution of packaging methods for cosmetic products. These perfume boxes can help you develop the appeal and attractiveness of your brand. When the perfume boxes are visible through the packaging, it allows easier identification of the product from others without opening its packaging. The attractive design that is visible will also be appealing to female buyers.

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