What Are The Methods Of Kraft Swing Tags?

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Swing tags are an effective and inexpensive way to brand products. They offer a visual representation of your brand values and communicate how your product stands out from the competition.

They also add a sense of quality and integrity to your product. This makes them a great choice for handmade products and personalised gifts.

Kraft Swing Tags


Kraft swing tags are a type of hang tag that used to attach to garments. They are usually printed with the company’s logo, name, size, and price. They may also include a variety of information, including site links, phone numbers, social media accounts, brand QR codes, barcodes, and maintenance details.

There are many ways to print these swing tags, ranging from the traditional CMYK printing process to a wide range of specialty techniques. For example, there are options for using white inks to back up full colour graphics or even a variety of different finishes and printing techniques that can enhance the quality and strength of your design.

Foil blocking is another specialized technique that can create a striking appearance on your custom swing tag. A unique look, foil blocking allows you to apply a gloss metallic foil to your design that will stand out against the background of your paper.

Other processes such as spot UV varnish, distressing and lamination can make your tag even more eye-catching. A laminated finish can protect your tag from scratching and improve the overall feel of your tag, while a matte lamination can help to safeguard the colors in your branding against harsh sunlight.

You can also choose die-cut swing tags to give your clothing designs a unique look and feel. These tags are made from a thin and strong material, and  cut into any shape you want. These swing tags  customized with a variety of finishing techniques, such as offset printing, silk screen printing, UV, embossing, engraving, bronzing, and laser.

Kraft swing tags UK

Kraft swing tags are a popular product labelling solution that are commonly used in the retail industry. They are a great way to add a personal touch to your products and are also ideal for gift tags and garment labels. They printed with black or CMYK full-colour ink and are available in an array of sizes and shapes.

Custom printed brown kraft tags are an environmentally friendly and cost-effective labelling solution. These high-quality personalised tags are made from 100% recycled kraft paper and feature a natural aesthetic. Way to give your products an earthy, vintage or rustic feel and printed with any design you like.


Available in a variety of sizes and are suitable for use as product labels, gift tags or wedding stationery. They  custom printed with any design and are available in a range of thicknesses, including 0.5mm (thin tag that  bent) and 1mm (thick card that is almost impossible to bend).

We recommend using a black or white logo for the best effect on our personalised kraft tags. The color will have a more prominent and eye-catching effect on the brown kraft paper than on white kraft paper.

Our kraft paper tags  printed with various techniques including full colour printing, spot UV, raised ink printing and hot foil stamping. They embossed, gilded or 3D embroidered to really get your brand noticed.

Methods of Kraft Swing Tags


Kraft swing tags are the perfect way to add a custom and personal touch to any gift or event souvenir. They  printed with your logo, message, or signature and are ideal for anniversaries, birthdays, sales pitches, conventions and meetings.


These kraft tags are a great choice for anyone looking to add a more eco-friendly touch to their products. They’re made from recycled paper and are fully recyclable. This helps to minimize packaging waste and reinforces sustainability values.

In addition, they  printed with a wide range of custom designs and are also extremely durable. This makes them a popular choice for clothing and accessory retailers as they’re a sustainable alternative to traditional printed labels.

The quality of your swing tag can make all the difference to your customers’ buying decision. A flimsy tag may give the impression that your product is cheap and will deter potential buyers. Alternatively, a heavy, thick, high-quality tag will make your product look and feel premium and will increase customer satisfaction.

Regardless of whether you’re a fashion brand or handmade product, a well designed swing tag will instantly communicate that your product is of premium quality and worth purchasing. It will reinforce your brand values, reassure consumers of the quality of your products and help you to gain a competitive edge over competitors in the market.

Using recycled paper or kraft swing tags is one of the best ways to promote your eco friendly identity to shoppers. These products used to convey a variety of messages to customers, including that your products are organic or use locally sourced ingredients. They used to reassure shoppers about the health and safety of your products, such as low in fat or low in sugar.

Purposes of Kraft Swing Tags

A swing tag is a type of label that is hung from items for sale in stores. They are used to display product and pricing information as well as marketing details such as offers and promotions. They are also popular for labelling products that may be damaged by a standard adhesive and are especially useful on clothing.

The natural flecks of the kraft paper give them a rustic, organic and earthy feel. They are also very strong and hardwearing, with a maximum tear strength of 457 microns.

These kraft paper labels are also a great option for personalised gifts, adding a unique touch to a gift or product. They  customised with your logo, business name, sizing, product information and more.

You can choose from a wide range of colours, fonts and textures for your design. In addition, you can have your label embossed or foil stamped.

Our online design tool makes it easy to create a custom kraft hang tag. Using the preview, you can move, edit and change the placement of the text. Then, a frame  added to further embellish your design. Finally, you can choose from a range of optional extras, such as matching cords and ribbons.

Types of Kraft Swing Tags

Kraft swing tags are a great way to promote your products with an eco friendly identity. These paper tags are 30% recycled and have subtle flecks that give them a rustic, organic, and natural look. They’re also a popular choice among customers who want to avoid plastic packaging and support green brands.

Whether you’re selling homemade produce or selling a high-end luxury item, paper swing tags can help your brand communicate important messages about sustainability and product quality. They’re a great alternative to standard packaging and they draw attention to your brand’s values while also building trust with shoppers.

Many handmade produce brands have sustainable sourcing, local ingredients, and eco-friendly brand attributes that a custom kraft hang tag can reinforce. The brown color of kraft tags sends a message to shoppers that your brand is committed to the environment and minimising waste.

They are also a great choice for brands that have animal cruelty free logos. For example, the Bodyshop uses a foldable tag that includes a call to action asking customers to sign a petition against animal testing.

These eco friendly kraft swing tags are printed with CMYK full-color inks to bring out the beauty of your branding design. They’re available in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes.

Alternatively, they  printed with high-end embossed logos and foil logos for added appeal. They’re also printed in single-color and two-color designs, so you can choose the style that best fits your brand’s needs.geo politics

If you’re looking for a custom, unique, and affordable gift tag option, look no further than these brown kraft swing tags! These are printed on 18PT uncoated kraft card that has natural fibers and visible flecks that make them extremely eye-catching. They’re a perfect choice for personalised gifts, artisan products, and craft items.


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