How To Make Coffee Candles | Make Coffee Candles at Home

Make Coffee Candles

Makeing Coffee Candles at Home

Do you love the smell and taste of coffee but wish there was a way to bring those delicious aromas into your home in more than a hot cup? If that’s the case, it sounds like you’re ready for a fragrance revolution, and we’ve got just what you need. Coffee candles are a fantastic way to fill your space with all the comforting scents of freshly brewed java, plus they make fantastic self-made gifts! Learning to make coffee candles is quite simple—all it takes is some melted wax, wicks, and your favourite coffee scent. Keep reading if it sounds like something you want to try out!

Melting the Wax

Choose A Holder For Your Candle, Clean It, and Then Set It Aside

Choosing the correct holder for your candle is crucial to ensure safety and a pleasant experience. Make sure to select something made of materials that won’t melt or be damaged by the heat, such as metal, ceramic, glass, or stone. Additionally, you want something large enough to stabilize and prevent tipping over once lit. Make sure to select a holder that is the right size for your candle, as placing one that is too small can cause it to become unstable.

Set Up A Double-Boiler For Candle-Making

You will need two pots or pans to set up a double boiler for candle-making. You should select pans that are similar in size so that the steam from the lower pan can easily reach the upper pan.

Clip A Candy-Making Thermometer To The Side Of The Can

Clipping a candy-making thermometer to the side of a can is essential in ensuring that the result is a delicious and safe product. This step helps ensure that the candy’s temperature is appropriate for the kind of candy being made and keeps the candy from boiling over.

Pour Soy Wax Flakes Into The Cane

Now pour soy into the cane that was prepared previously. Ensure that you pour the cane correctly and that there is no water bubble inside the cane. In addition, you also need to ensure that you first pour half of the cane, give it some time to cool a bit and place the jewel you want to add after pouring the left soy wax into the cane. Now let it be cool.

Melt The Wax Over Medium-High Heat

Once the wax is adequately cooled then, melt the wax over medium-high heat to ensure there is no extra wax along the cane body. This step also ensures that the candles look more beautiful.

Make Coffee Candles at Home
Make Coffee Candles at Home

Adding Fragrance and Color

Making candles are pretty straightforward. However, if you want to add something extra to your candles, such as colour & fragrances, then you need to follow some extra steps.

Add 1 Tbsp (5 G) Of Ground Coffee Per 12 Oz (340.2 G) Of Wax Flakes

Add 1 Tbsp of ground coffee per 12 OZ wax flakes to add some fragrances to your candles. It will add a gorgeous fragrance to your candles that smell like coffee.

Stir And Cook The Wax For 2 To 3 More Minutes

After adding the ground coffee to the wax flakes, stir it for 2 to 3 minutes to mix properly with the wax. Once the fragrance is mixed properly, it’s time to add colour.

Deepen The Color With Brown Candle-Making Dye, If Desired

Adding some colour to your candles will increase their beauty of it. Add some deep brown colour and mix it properly. You can add the brown cable-making dye or choose another candle-making dye that you desire.

Add Some Additional Fragrance, If Desired

Adding some additional fragrance will increase the power of smell you fulfil your expectation. You can add multiple fragrances and colours to your candles to increase their beauty and smell. However, it is an optional step; if you want more fragrance or colour, you can add it or leave it.

Pouring and Cooling the Wax

Wait For The Wax To Cool To 100 °f (38 °c)

The next step in making candles is to cool their candles. Cool it until it reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius.

Insert A Tabbed Wick Into Your Candle Holder

Once the desired temperature is reached, it’s time to add the candle’s wick. Insert a tabbed wick into your candle holder for easy burning.

Wrap The Wick Around A Pencil Placed Across The Candle Holder

Now, wrap the wick around a pencil and place it across the candle holder. It will help to place the wick in the correct position in the candle.

Pour Three-Quarters Of The Wax Into The Candle Holder

Once your wick is placed, it’s time to pour the wax into the candle holder. Pour three-quarters of the wax into the candle holder and let it cool.

Let The Wax Cool Completely At Room-Temperature

Once the wax is poured into the candle holder, it’s time to cool it; make sure that you keep the
coffee candles at room temperature so they can be adequately cooled.

Finishing the Candle

Reheat The Remaining Wax

Once the candle is cooled, it’s time to complete the candles. Reheat the remaining wax.

Pour The Wax Into The Well Formed In The Middle Of Your Candle.

Once the last one-third candle is melted, pour it into the candle holder. Make sure that this time the candle holding is filled up correctly.

Allow The Wax To Harden Again

Once you poured the candle with was, it was time to cool it again. This time makes it hard so the complete candle can not easily be fragile.

Trim The Wick To 1⁄8 Inch (0.32 Cm)

The candle is now complex so, and the wick is so long. Trim is as per your desire, but we recommend tripping it to ⅛ inch or 0.32 cm.


Making a coffee candle is relatively easy. It’s easy to make one. After reading this article, we hope you will be confident to make your candles. For any query regarding the candle, make sure that you let us know via the comment box. Feel free to ask, and if you have ever made any candles, share the idea. Transform your morning coffee break with the Coffee Break Candle Jewelry! You will never have been so excited to take a break with this beautiful scent and jewel surprise hidden inside

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