Where Can You Get The Best Angioplasty In Lahore?

Best Angioplasty In Lahore

What Procedure Should You Have?

Just What Is Angioplasty?

The word “angioplasty” refers to the opening of a blood artery, and the word “angio” denotes that.

In PCI, the “P” stands for percutaneous, which means “through the skin,” and “coronary” refers to the region of the blood vessels around the heart.

Angioplasties are frequently used as treatments for coronary heart disease (CHD) and heart attacks (acute coronary syndrome). Atherosclerosis, or plaque buildup, can occur in several circumstances where the arterial walls are. Plaque buildup may cause the arteries to contract and narrow. During a heart attack, the plaque may rupture, releasing cholesterol into the artery and perhaps generating a blood clot that blocks blood flow.

A wrist or groyne incision is made by the doctor during a normal angioplasty in order to place a tube, or catheter, into an artery. The catheter is then threaded upward until it is in close proximity to the injured blood vessel. To properly widen the artery, the catheter frequently contains an inflated balloon inside of it to push the plaque or clot away. Contrast dye and live X-rays are used by doctors to guide the catheter and locate the arteries that need to be treated.

Compared to cardiac surgery, angioplasty is less intrusive since it doesn’t involve opening the chest.

What Is Angioplasty Used For?

  1. Managing an abnormal stress test, which a specialist may recommend angioplasty for.
  2. Improve the blood flow to the heart.
  3. Alleviate angina or pain in the chest.
  4. Encourage those experiencing chest pain to move more
  5. Improve blood flow to the heart
  6. Boost blood flow to the heart muscle before or after a heart attack.

Many Angioplasty Types:

The Following Are The Two Main Types Of Angioplasty:

Balloon angioplasty is the process of removing artery-blocking plaque by applying the pressure of an expanding balloon. Seldom is this carried out by one person, unless a doctor is unable to place a stent where it should be.

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A stent is a tube made of wire mesh that is inserted into the artery as part of the stenting procedure. Stents help to stop an artery from re-narrowing after angioplasty.

A pharmaceutical coating or bare metal can be used to make stents. When they include medication, stents are known as drug-eluting stents (DES), which are less likely to re-clog.

Currently, bare metal stents are seldom ever used; DES is used almost exclusively. According to a study from 2018, doctors in the United States are said to implant about 1.8 million stents per year.

How To Get Ready For An Angioplasty:

The preoperative guidelines must be carefully followed by patients even though angioplasty is a less invasive surgical procedure.

If a person uses any prescription medications or dietary supplements, they must inform their doctor. Sometimes people need to stop taking certain drugs, especially blood thinners, before surgery. Also, since the angioplasty procedure may need the patient to be sedated, they may need to skip meals and avoid liquids for many hours before the procedure.

Also, since the use of contrast dye by the surgeons might affect renal function, preoperative kidney tests might be necessary.

Why Choosing Majeed Cardiac Care As Your First Option Can Help You Get The Best Angioplasty In Lahore:

Cardiac Diagnostic Service is cognizant of how difficult a diagnosis for a cardiac condition may be. They strive to establish a friendly and compassionate environment for patients in order to provide them with the best care possible. At every stage of the operation, the Majeed Cardiac Care team is devoted to helping the patient. They have access to the most cutting-edge medical techniques and equipment at their state-of-the-art facility, including cardiac catheterization, nuclear imaging, Doppler ultrasonography, and echocardiography. They also provide a huge selection of other services, such as stress testing, pacemaker/defibrillator monitoring, and Holter monitoring.

All things considered, Majeed Cardiac Care is a company you can trust and offers its clients some of the Best Angioplasty In Lahore. Moreover, Majeed Cardiac Care provides a variety of services.

Besides Doing The Best Angioplasty In Lahore, What Other Services Does Majeed Cardiac Care Provide?


Their Echo Cardiac Service comprehensively assesses your heart’s architecture, function, and blood flow.

Artery Doppler:

The Carotid Doppler cardiac service gives you peace of mind that any heart issues can be addressed before they worsen.


The ECG Cardiac Service offers extensive and reliable testing to aid in identifying any potential heart issues.

On-the-Go Cardiology:

In addition to continued monitoring and care for a variety of cardiovascular problems, their portable cardiology services offer diagnostic testing in the convenience of the patient’s home.