The Growing Plastic Surgery Trends and Social Stigmas

The Growing Plastic Surgery Trends and Social Stigmas

Dolly Parton, Rihanna, the Kardashian sisters – the list of celebrities who have undergone plastic surgeries is endless. And they no longer hide them. However, the stigma about going under the knife for cosmetic reasons still exists. While getting rhinoplasty in Dubai is still considered acceptable if one gets it for medical purposes; however, the same plastic surgery will raise eyebrows when people get it for cosmetic purposes.

Despite all this advancement and change in our mindset, there are still stigmas associated with plastic surgeries that people get for cosmetic reasons. Let’s delve deeper and shed more light on plastic surgeries and social stigmas:

1. Body Positivity Façade

“Accept how you are”, “Be happy how you look”’, “it’s all about confidence”, etc. – these are some of the common sayings people flaunt on their social media handles showing they do not judge others on the basis of how they look and appear. Unfortunately, most of the time, all these talks of body positivity are nothing more than a façade.

In most cases, people who post such quotations are the ones who have undergone plastic surgeries. In case they are not on the receiving end, they do not blink twice before judging those who have gotten one.

The sad reality is that people get judged for how they look. And this is what promotes those who do not meet the societal norms of beauty to opt for these surgeries. For example, a lot of people visit Dubai, the now cosmetic surgery hub in the world, to get plastic surgeries. From tummy tuck to butt enhancement and breast enlargement to rhinoplasty in Dubai, every type of surgery is performed here.

2. The Need for Acceptance by Society

Even the ones who claim that they do not comply with societal norms have the need to get accepted by society. It may be hidden in the corner of their heart, but it’s there. This “need” for acceptance by society can make one do seemingly bizarre things, such as getting surgery. The extent to which they go depends on the intensity of this “need”.

For example, those who want society to appreciate or notice them for their beauty wouldn’t mind getting plastic surgery in Dubai or in any other place for that matter. Similarly, some, in order to get attention and acceptance from others, opt for other tactics, such as creating viral videos. The ultimate motive is the same – getting seen and noticed by one and all.

3. The Judgmental Society

There’s no harm in doing what you please, and this includes getting plastic surgery until you’re not harming someone. But the fact that our society is largely judgmental cannot be denied. It is due to this judgment plastic surgery is still a stigma in many parts of the world. 

Even in some of the most advanced cities, people shame those who go under the knife. For example, there are many articles on the website naming and shaming celebs who have gotten plastic surgeries. On the same websites, you will find articles about body positivity, live and let live, etc. Irony it is, but it’s reality as well. And we all are guilty of doing this!

4. The Changing Times

Times are changing surely, and so is the perspective of people. Earlier, plastic and cosmetic surgeries were only limited to celebrities and notable personalities. It was difficult to imagine a person heading to a plastic surgery clinic to get a bigger bust or to shed a lot of weight with the help of surgery. All this has become a sort of norm for common people now.

These plastic surgery clinics are now in access to everyone, and the prices of cosmetic procedures have been reduced to a great extent. As a matter of fact, the emergence of non-surgical procedures, such as fillers, CoolSculpting, etc., has further added to the popularity of these treatments. You can get them at Nova Clinic and a range of other clinics in Dubai.

However, the stigma still remains. People are still going to judge you if you’re getting surgery or even a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. So, if you’re thinking of getting one, be prepared to hear sometimes bizarre, sometimes amusing comments about yourself.

Final Thoughts

One can’t be sure about how long it will take for people to realize it’s one individual choice to get anything done with their face or body. In the meantime, do what you feel like; if you want those big pouty lips, get them. Don’t let society hold you. However, only do it for your own satisfaction, not to prove something to someone.