Cruising the Streets in Style with Aprilia Scooters


Italy-based Aprilia arrived in India in 2016, and since then the company has expanded its inventory to include a total of 9 two-wheelers. Out of these, four are powerful sports bikes, and the remaining five are impressive Aprilia scooters. Courtesy of its Italian origin, the company has managed to create in-roads into as many as 12 Indian cities and channels its services through 18 dealerships. 

Before going through with the online scooty purchase, you must set some time aside for comparing various well-known brands. In this regard, one of the first aspects about Aprilia that would grab attention is its high price. Almost all the Aprilia scooters find a place at the higher end of the price spectrum, and hence turn out to be more expensive than other Indian brands.

This is probably one of the reasons why this brand may not be the first choice for a beginner rider. However, if you have been riding a scooter for several years now, and are sufficiently seasoned to comprehend the inner workings, then this brand definitely deserves your consideration. 

Why should you check Aprilia scooters?

With two-wheelers are one of the most common modes of transport in India. You would come across multiple brands on the Internet. It is only when you narrow down the online scooty search for a product. That combines style with a powerful performance that brands like Aprilia would show up. On digging further, listed as follows are features that reinforce the brand’s claim of providing luxury on two wheels –

State-of-the-art design – Aprilia is one of the few brands in the scooter segment that have successfully combined aesthetics with minimalism. Therefore, while the vehicle conforms to the global definition of being sleek, closer examination reveals cutting-edge angles that lend a futuristic touch. The impeccable finish which is an outcome of three coats of paint is dotted with the company’s signature graphics. These, in turn, are interspersed by different chrome elements and LED head-lamp and tail lights. 

Comfortable seat – You can look forward to literally sinking into the ergonomic bucket seat during every drive-out session. Adding to the comfort is the extended size of the seat. Because of which it is bigger than what is usually found on a scooter. So, not only are the seats spacious for two people to fit in without a squeeze but also remain comfortable regardless of the duration of the drive. 

Exemplary riding experience – With the steering handlebar being optimally positioned from the seat, you need not lean forward too much while driving. Another feature of Aprilia scooters that makes a huge difference to bodily comfort is the high-quality suspension. Both the front and the rear suspensions are adjustable to the point of negating any sudden jerks. Thus keeping you safe throughout the ride. 

Powerful performance – Although the engine capacity varies with the model of Aprilia scooters, what remains uniform is the 3-valve fuel-injection engine. With the rpm being more than 7000, the engine definitely packs a powerful performance. Use this punch to cruise down the roads at a steady pace, or zoom to and fro in an emergency. 

Style statement – An aspect that raises the style quotient of Aprilia scooters is the aerodynamic contours. Due to these, the vehicle appears imposing and symmetrical from the front. Much of the geometry used in the design is evident in the neat placement of features. Such that each remains distinct while adding to the overall look. Given the high degree of craftsmanship. It is easy to imagine why riding out on one of the Aprilia models is akin to creating a style statement. 

Final thoughts

Unless you opt for a basic two-wheeler model of any brand. It is common for high-end options to feature a digital cluster and provide seamless connectivity. In addition to allowing you to connect with Bluetooth, Aprilia also enables you to keep track of the vehicle and raise an alarm in case of untoward activity. Rely on the dashboard console to remain connected with your contacts and also share details via social media while on a drive. 

Living in a world that is increasingly becoming conscious of the environment. It pays to opt for a vehicle that leaves minimal carbon footprint. To this effect, Aprilia scooters conform to the Euro-2 standards. Which implies that the ride would not just be fuel efficient but also eject the bare minimum emission. Coming from a rich legacy created by its founder Alberto Beggio and his progeny. Aprilia continues to uphold the ethos that enabled the company to endure through the decades.