The Relationship Between Vitamin D And Erectile Dysfunction

The Relationship Between Vitamin D And Erectile Dysfunction

In recent years, erectile dysfunction is a major problem among adult men. Impotence is also a killer for men because it can cause embarrassment, depression, and other emotional problems. This disease affects many people. It is even worse that some people are aware of this disease but refuse to visit a doctor. They don’t want to talk about their problems. In medical science, erectile dysfunction can be treated in different ways. You have a better chance of getting the medication you need if you visit the doctor as soon as possible.

There are other methods to treat the disease, even if the medication is not for you. Medical science has studied erectile dysfunction in-depth and can give some definite explanations for why ED occurs. In our previous articles, we have discussed how cigarette smoking can lead to erectile problems. We will discuss how men with low vitamin D levels (male adult bodies), can be more susceptible to erectile dysfunction. We will also talk about a few ED medications like Vidalista 40  and Sildalist in our article that you can get over the counter from medicine shops. 


Many scientists, science journals, and others have done numerous studies on erectile dysfunction. The media has been told by most of the researchers that they have only observed the results and cannot prove cause and effect. They said that more research was needed to determine if a vitamin D deficiency is a cause of erectile disorder.

Study shows that 39% of men with impotence are vitamin D deficient, while 29% are not. Researchers also found that men who have low insulin levels are more likely to experience impotence than men with a vitamin D deficiency.

According to these studies, the vitamin D level in a person’s body can be used as a tool for determining their risk of impotence. These studies raise a question: can increasing vitamin D levels in a body that is vitamin D deficient cure impotence?

It is normal that men over 70 years old cannot erect or attend. This is due to their age. About 40% of American male adults over 40 years old are also affected. It is surprising to learn that approximately 40% of American men over 40 are vitamin D deficient.

We have gathered information about the relationship between Vitamins, Impotence, and other health issues. How vitamin C can affect ED.

Vitamin C affects blood circulation. It improves blood flow. We all know that blood circulation can cause erectile problems, so it’s safe to assume that vitamin C could help men with their sexual function. Vitamin C cannot be stored in the body. You must always consume foods rich in vitamin C as part of your diet.

Home Remedies To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Some home remedies can improve your sexual well-being. Some medications can cure erectile dysfunction. You may not want to take these medications regularly over a long period of time due to their side effects. Here are some home remedies to help cure your erectile problem. Try them.

  • To cure your condition slowly, the best thing to do is quit smoking. Smoking damages our blood vessels and lungs. Blood vessels that are affected cannot circulate blood to the penis during erection. Heavy smoking can damage nerves that pick up signals from your penis and send them to the brain. This will cause your brain to signal the blood vessels at the time of an erection.
  • Vitamin C-rich foods are more readily available. Vitamin C is essential for blood circulation. It is important to have an erection on time and hold it for longer. Vitamin C isn’t present in our bodies. Vitamin C-enriched foods are necessary to maintain healthy blood circulation.
  • When it comes to erectile malfunction, obesity can be a contributing factor. Regular exercise can help manage obesity. Regular exercise can also help treat erectile disorder.
  • Stress is a factor that affects many ED patients. Stress can affect your blood flow. Stress can affect your ED. Stress and anxiety may affect the nerve signals that control your sexual performance.

Here are some home remedies you can try to treat erectile dysfunction.

We Suggest That You Speak To Your Doctor

Even if you have made lifestyle changes, if erectile symptoms persist, it is important to speak to your doctor. We know that ED can be a difficult topic to talk about. In most cases, it can be treated. It is best to consult your doctor as soon as possible. You should seek medical attention as soon as you can.

ED is also a symptom of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It is important to get a regular checkup in order to maintain good health. Consult your doctor as soon as you can. Check your sugar and cholesterol levels along with other health markers.

These are our findings on the relationship between vitamin D deficiencies and erectile dysfunction. It’s worth a look. Live a healthy and safe life.