Great Book Reviews: How To Get Them?

Getting positive reviews about a book is the most uplifting experience for an author. It is actually a great thing to know that your piece of writing has intrigued potential readers. 

It is also true that one of the essential steps of book marketing is getting positive book reviews. You must show the readers plot description through your book reviews and tell them it is worth their time. Thus, racking up readers’ multiple reviews about your book will make you more credible and help your book to come up at the top of their search list.

However, you should know that the process of obtaining good reviews is difficult; for instance, authors don’t have the funds to pay for review services, sometimes the influencers don’t reply back, or the trolling affects the book reviews. 

Several affordable book publishing companies will help you receive good book reviews from readers. Hence, you can opt for one and get people’s opinions and criticism on your book. 

Let’s learn more about how you can get your book reviewed. 

How To Get Some Great Book Reviews?

Every well-known author knows that the more book reviews, the better. Therefore, having good reviews on your book is a must. 

You should remember that collecting good book reviews is directly linked to your writing skills and manuscript editing. And these positive reviews will eventually increase the book sales as well. 

So, when you have completed your manuscript, designed a captivating book cover design, and written a convincing book description, your book is ready for the book reviews. 

Here is how you can get book reviews.

An Interesting Book Description That Works As A CTA 

To get positive book reviews, you will have to provide a call to action at the end of your book or on the author’s bio page. You can also add a request for potential readers to follow you on your website or other social media platforms. Furthermore, you should also ask those readers courteously to leave a book review on the platforms from where they have purchased the book. 

Get Book Reviews From Professionals

Professionals from compelling organizations such as newspapers, magazines, online publications, paid services, and blogs write book reviews. Readers must be assured that the book reviewer knows the book writing skills and also has a good experience in the genre. Furthermore, you can also get editorial reviews on your book in which the editors formally evaluate your book. These reviews are often free, but some editors give paid reviews. 

Ask For Reviews At The Book Launch Event

You can get the help of a self-publishing company for a book launching event. In this way, you can guide potential readers about the links to your website and books at the launch event. You can also make an email list to advertise your book and ask them to leave a review. This book launch event will likely create several reviews of your book, making you a famous author and helping you succeed.

Create A Goodreads Account

Goodreads is a common social network that invites authors and potential readers to read different books and give each other book recommendations. This is a free platform where authors usually create profiles to engage readers. 

If you are more active on Goodreads and connect with the readers on numerous forums, you will get recognized and get more book reviews. 

Request For Reviews

Hoping to inspire readers and make them leave a review on your book is challenging. But, to get good reviews on your book, you can give physical copies to your family and friends. However, to take reviews from the readers, you will have to come up with different ideas and ask them to give book reviews. 

Moreover, you can use your website and social media platforms to request readers for reviews. You can arrange events like book signing events and book launches and ask for their reviews by sharing your book description with them. These events play an active role in promoting your book. Also, you don’t need to be shy, just connect with people and ask for reviews. 

Reach out to social media influencers.

Several influencers are out there who daily read and review the book of self-published authors. Some of them do this for free, but some of them charge for it. So, when you approach an influencer for your book marketing, you must read their query guidelines before submitting your book to them. It will help if you look for influencers that are best for your genre. 

Offer Discounts To The Customers

You can give your book in PR packages to the influencers and ask them to share their reviews by posting them on their social media handles. This will increase your reach, and more readers will know about your book. 

Moreover, you can also offer discounts to the readers who have first visited your website or are the initial buyers. This will help you attract more readers and will also enhance your brand’s credibility, and also increase the ROI of your book.

Start Promoting Your Book

By reading this blog, you know that collecting book reviews is a daunting task. But you can do it in several ways, such as using a CTA, giving physical copies of your book to friends and family, and taking reviews from editors and influencers.

Once you start getting reviews on your book, it is time for you to begin promoting it actively. You must wait until you get good reviews for your book to increase the return on investment. When people get to know about your book and also see the good reviews, they will be willing to buy it. Therefore, if you sell more books, the more you will get book reviews. So, in order to promote your book, you can use your book reviews and put them on the platforms such as Amazon ads, Instagram, and Facebook.