Check Out The Best Boot Space Car Under 10 Lakhs

Check Out The Best Boot Space Car Under 10 Lakhs

A key attribute that is a game-changer for a car owner is the boot space. The boot space allows one to store many items and belongings. People who go on road trips need ample boot space. Cars with the best boot space car under 10 lakhs make travelling easy while carrying all the essential and emergency items.  

For your next trip with your family or friends or solo, you need not worry about restricting the number of things you can carry. From multiple bags to essentials to emergency kits and even bicycles, you can carry anything you want. The best boot space car under 10 lakhs allows you to carry multiple items without burdening the car with its weight.  

As you load your car trunk with items, bags, and boxes, do not forget to place the car trunk mat. It saves the trunk floor from being scratched. 

The car 7D mat has grooves that allow objects to hold onto the grooves. It provides excellent traction and grip so that in times of high speed or jerking, nothing slips and collides with each other.  

Which are the Best Boot Space Car Under 10 Lakhs? 

We have compiled a list if you want the best boot space car under 10 lakhs. Check out the best car models with an amazing dicky space for all your travel and storage needs.  

  1. Renault Triber 

Boot Capacity: 84-Litre 

This car model has an 84-litre boot capacity. At first, many would think, “Well, that is not a lot.” however, the car gives an 84-litre boot capacity when the seats are upright. This car has one of the best boot space car under 10 lakhs.  

It has a commendable 625-litre storage capacity when one removes the adjustable third-row seats. This makeshift ability of the car allows one to use it for long-drive trips. The Triber is a small car, but its boot capacity is praiseworthy compared to its size. 

This typical hatchback car also provides seating for two more people, which one can transform into a huge trunk to store their belongings.  2

Renault Clio 

Boot Capacity: 391 Litres 

it is one of the best cars for boot space. It boasts one of the biggest boot spaces out of all the supermini cars on the market. The stunning capacity of 391 litres makes the car perfect for families. This hatchback car is the best option for families with more than 5 members to go on a trip. 

So, what can one fit in the boot of a Renault Clio? Since the boot is bigger than the medium-sized car, one can fit in a pram. Of course, they can store their travel bags, luggage, and emergency kits. The car owner can easily stash the car’s boot with groceries and heavy luggage.  

As one of the best boot space car under 10 lakhs, one can easily load items in the car boot. There is a wide opening that makes loading easy. It is easy to load the larger items, and if you fold the rear seats, you can have ample space of around 1069 litres.  

1. Maruti Suzuki Nexa 

Boot Capacity- 510 Litres 

The excellent boot capacity allows one to drive efficiently, even carrying heavy items. It costs under Rs. 10 lahks.  

2. Renault Kwid  

Boot Capacity- 279 Litres 

This car has lower boot space than the WagonR model but is still decent. It is useful for road trips. One can carry all their essentials in the boot of this car. As one of the best boot space car under 10 lakhs, it is the perfect partner for long drives. It is a compact hatchback that must be on the radar of every first-time family car buyer. 

3. Honda Amza 420 L 

Boot Capacity- 420 Litres 

Regarding the compact sedan segment, the Honda Amaze has one of the biggest boot spaces. It is a whopping 420 litres. This compact sedan lacks a hatchback counterpart.  

4. Kia Sonet  

Boot Capacity- 392 Litres 

As one of the best boot space car under 10 lakhs, this car has an edge compared to other Hyundai models. It is the perfect companion for your next road trip, with a spectacular boot capacity of 392 litres. The increased boot space does not mean decreased leg space. Enjoy a comfortable ride in this car on your trip.  

Find the Perfect Car for You 

Regardless of the size of the car, small, medium or big, one needs to focus on the car’s boot. Keep the cars mentioned above on your list when looking for the best boot space car under 10 lakhs. As you pack for your next trip, do not forget to organise your items in a car organiser from Carorbis for a clutter-free and accessible space.  

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