Discover the Best Construction Equipment Under 40 Lakh Price Range in India

Discover the Best Construction Equipment Under 40 Lakh Price Range in India

The continuous upgradation of heavy-duty equipment on the technical front has done wonders in the Indian infra world. For instance, equipment these days is manufactured considering the ecological impact. As a result, heavy-duty models are equipped with features that produce a lower carbon footprint.

However, that doesn’t put work productivity in the back seat. In fact, companies like JCB & Komasu heavily invest in R&D to engineer machines with smart technologies. This justifies why these brands are so popular among the construction community.

Best Construction Equipment Under 40 Lakh Price Range

JCB 3DX Backhoe Loader

This backhoe loader from JCB is quite popular among infra professionals in India. Rightly so, the model comes equipped with highly advanced features delivering massive work output. To illustrate, the operating weight of 1800 Kg counts for excellent work productivity.

Additionally, this backhoe loader model can store hydraulic oil up to 100 ltr. This particular feature is also responsible for ensuring higher fuel efficiency. Moreover, with 1 cum of bucket capacity, this machine can lift heavy loads & facilitate its transportation as well.

This JCB model can further upscale work efficiency with its maximum height limit of 3000mm. Equipping all these spectacular features, the model is available within a price range of Rs. 35 – 38 Lakhs in India.

Komatsu PC71 Excavator

This is one of the most-lauded excavator models from Komatsu, India. The machine massively facilitates quarrying & excavation for foundation building, thanks to its maximum dig depth capacity of 4100mm.  Additionally, the excavator comes with an operating weight of 7050 kg. Such an impressive weighing capacity helps professionals upscale new heights of work output.

Moreover, the model increases efficiency at construction & mining sites with a high-performing engine producing up to 60 HP. Interestingly, the company offers reasonable pricing, starting from Rs. 24 Lakhs to 26 Lakhs in India.

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