Top 5 Reasons To Purchase Your Next Smartphone on Bajaj EMI Card


Are EMIs or cash better for buying a new smartphone? Investing in a new smartphone every year may seem natural, especially with a device that does much more than your current one. Would purchasing your next phone through Bajaj EMI card shopping be a good idea? Let’s examine the ups and downs of both options before deciding which route to take for your next phone purchase.

Despite your meticulously planned monthly budget, your list of potential expenditures, and some unexpected expenses, you may not be able to splurge on the newest smartphone. On the other hand, if you need to own a phone, you can easily purchase it on a Bajaj No Cost EMI shopping plan.

Owning a high-end smartphone with plenty of features is your dream, and you can quickly get it on EMI. Bajaj Finserv, for example, is one of many financial institutions and fintech lending platforms that offer EMIs for mobile purchases. The phone can be purchased on a Bajaj EMI card shopping limit and repaid in affordable monthly instalments over time with 0 down payment.

Making monthly payments from your bank account or credit card is the biggest advantage of purchasing through an EMI plan. Cash upfront also means you won’t have to pay activation fees if you pay upfront compared to later down the line when you use those services. Some cards offer zero percent introductory rates for up to 18 months when you purchase a phone with a credit card.

Choose No Cost EMI on eCommerce Sites

The No Cost EMI option will be available on Amazon, Bajaj Mall, and Flipkart only with selected credit cards. Chasing new credit cards every time an offer comes up is frustrating. Afterwards, you will find that the Bajaj EMI card provides a No Cost EMI option for up to 5 months based on the purchase value.

EMIs without cost are not available; instead, there are EMIs with zero interest. Despite the subtle difference, there is a difference. The documentation and processing fees associated with zero-interest EMIs do apply. This is an additional expense, and you get 0 down payment.

A second issue is the absence of a discount or cashback. The shopkeeper can offer a discount or cashback when you pay in full by cash. When it comes to zero-interest EMIs, the lender takes care of the payment. 

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Get Bajaj No Cost EMI with these steps

There will be no Bajaj EMI card available on Amazon or Flipkart. 

  1. Instead, use the Bajaj Finserv mobile app, open it. 
  2. Select the no-cost EMI section. 
  3. Select the merchant, and then buy their gift voucher.
  4. Pay it off as a monthly fee.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Bajaj Finserv EMI Card While Online Shopping

Easy on the wallet

The total amount does not have to be paid at once. EMI is the best option if you need to purchase something urgently and do not have much cash available. As a result, you have better control of your finances without exceeding your budget. The EMI amount is based on the borrower’s ability to pay back the principal limit amount and the limit’s tenure and interest rate. As a result, borrowers can make payments in EMIs more easily. Due to this, there will be no adverse effect on their regular monthly expenses.

Attractive interest rates 

In order to calculate the costs associated with converting a balance into an EMI, you should check the processing charges you will incur. EMI may not be available with all purchases, so check if this option is available before making your purchase. Interest is charged at a higher rate on credit cards with revolving balances than on credit cards with EMIs. As a result, you are also saving a little money.

Options for flexible EMIs offered by banks

In recent years, lenders and popular banks have been encouraging consumers to make EMI payments. Depending on the borrower’s needs, the monthly instalment and repayment tenure are adjusted accordingly.

Plenty of offers

Online, you can also get attractive offers for credit card EMIs. Most online retailers offer discounts on interest and processing charges on EMI purchases through credit card companies. Sometimes, you can get a no-cost EMI option that does not require interest payments.

The ability to spend more than the budget

The EMI program allows you to make expensive purchases that would otherwise have gone on your “To-Do List.” The option for consumers to pay in monthly instalments gives both buyers and traders an advantage in boosting sales. 

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