Tips That Will Help You To Choose the Right Home Flooring


Flooring is one of the biggest decisions we make when renovating or building a home. The floor is more important than we realize, as it can change the look or perspective of a room.

The result of the reform may not be what we expected if our floor is damaged, or if our choice is incorrect.

How to choose the right type of flooring for your home?

There are many different types of flooring available on the market. Each has its characteristics, which make it suitable for a certain situation.

When choosing the right floor for your house, you should consider the following factors:

The level of humidity in the room, its use, the base it will be installed on, and temperature fluctuations.

According to the Scarborough renovations experts, this decision should not be made lightly or without expert advice. Because a floor that is not installed correctly can lead to problems such as cracks or breakage in the future.


The timeless beauty of wood floors

Wood is one of our first choices when we are doing a renovation. This is the most common flooring used in houses.

The results of this material are always beautiful. Wooden floors are also warm and can be extended in life with proper maintenance.

Hardwood is expensive. Some people install laminated flooring to maintain the look they want without having to invest a lot of money.

What is the difference between laminated and parquet flooring? Does it only come down to economics or will other factors affect the performance of soil?


Difference between parquet flooring and floating flooring:

What is parquet flooring?

Parquet is made from hardwood boards about 1 cm thick. Parquet is used to replace the flooring in the house. If you want to do a renovation, you’ll have to remove your old pavement.

After the boards are installed they are sanded, varnished, and knifed. This gives them a smooth surface and a shiny finish.


What is a floating floor?

The floating flooring (or parquet) can be made from wood or synthetic materials.

The wood effect is printed with a protective layer on the final plank. Laminate is not a type of flooring, but rather sheets that are laid directly on the pavement. It is therefore thinner than parquet flooring.


What’s the difference?

The main difference between parquet flooring and laminated flooring, according to its definition, is that one is made from a single kind of wood while the other can be made using a combination of materials.

This has a significant impact on its price.

Durability and resistance are two other differences between parquet flooring and laminate flooring. Parquet is a delicate material that requires regular maintenance. It can be sanded or varnished many times.


What is the best soil for me?

The choice of whether to install parquet floors or laminate floors in your home is largely determined by two factors: Your taste and your budget. Both materials offer advantages and disadvantages to help you decide.



Parquet has better finishes. Installing a high-quality parquet floor is the best option if you want style.

There are many aesthetic options. Parquet is the only material with a texture. The patterns used to secure it to the floor are limited, although they allow for various geometric shapes.

Due to its composition, the platform can be adapted to different textures and colors, allowing it to be more flexible on an aesthetic level.

Laminate floor installation is simple and quick. You simply have to stick the plates on the floor, they are already sanded.

Parquet installation is associated with work, as it requires raising the floor to fix and place the wooden boards. These must be treated afterward.


Care they needed

Parquet requires a great deal of care to both enhance its aesthetic quality and ensure its durability. The wood is also easily damaged and doesn’t resist blows.

The floating floor is the opposite: You will only need to mop and use a cleaning product to bring out the best of its appearance.

Wooden flooring is popular in many homes because of its warmth. The decision of whether to choose parquet flooring or laminate can be difficult.

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