Factors to Consider When Getting Your Car Tyres Replaced


As much as we don’t realize, tyres make a significant part of our vehicle’s health as they determine how comfortable your drive is. Like all the other car parts, tyres are also prone to wear and tear as mileage increases. No wonder all the auto services attend to the tyres before other areas during car maintenance. 

But, since most tyres contain a longer shelf life and require occasional replacement, car owners fail to prioritize their well-being. After all, if the tyres are in bad shape, the car will face problems, and you’ll end up in the middle of a highway with busted tyres. 

Other issues may include traction issues and braking inabilities. To avoid them, start prioritizing the health of your car’s tyres. In this regard, the following considerations or signs will alert you to promptly take your vehicle to a reliable car tyre shop

  •  Look into the Tread wear Indicator. 

There’s a tread-wear indicator residing in the groove of the tyre, alerting the driver about the wearing level of the tyre. If the tread wear surpasses that level, it’s time to replace your tyre instantly. 

Or else, you can try the popular coin test, which requires putting a coin in the groove and seeing how deeply it goes in. You can conduct the test on several points over the tyre tread groove, and if the coin hasn’t gone too deep, it’s time for a replacement.

  • Examine the Tyre Regularly 

The next suggestion is to keep a watch on the tyres regularly or every morning before you take the car for a drive. Look into the possible wear and tear that may arise after a bumpy ride. As vehicles riding on rough potholes may result in wheels losing their alignments or balance. 

If left unchecked for a long time, it can also lead to a life-threatening incident. In that case, get the tyres realigned from the nearest auto repairs. In the worst scenario, you would be getting the tyres replaced with new ones. 

  • Attend the Excessive Tyre Noise 

If you notice too much noise from the tyres while driving, stop your car immediately and inspect the problem. 

While we don’t expect you to be a professional mechanic for it, at least you can observe the symptoms, so it’ll be easier to describe the issue to an actual mechanic. 

Although it’s a clear sign of replacing the tyres, it might indicate wear and tear inside. In some cases, frequent loss of air pressure can also cause problematic tyres.

  • Take Tyre Misalignment Seriously 

Wheel misalignment is a notable consideration that many car drivers neglect until they pay a big sum for the repair. 

Misalignment refers to where one side of the tyre appears normal, but the other edge reaches its limit. Therefore, you must ensure proper wheel balancing and alignment while replacing a new tyre. 

This way, the tyres will promise you a longer and healthier life. For this, the auto repairs will enlighten you about the maintenance you’ll need at home.

  • Tyre Hardness isn’t Normal 

If the car hasn’t been ridden for longer, it’s common for tyres to harden and show visible surface cracks. That’s where we get our next factor that you must take seriously is the excessive hardness of the tyres or when it becomes less flexible. 

Situations like these call for a meeting with a professional mechanic and keep your finances aloof. Chances say you’ll need to replace the worn-out tyres with new ones for better flexibility and rigidity.

  • Watch Out for Frequent Punctures 

With a punctured tyre, one can’t  imagine driving to their destination peacefully. While the car won’t reach a few miles, we bet it must have been happening for a while now. 

If you’ve been neglecting the frequent punctures of your car tyres, consider it a complimentary leniency. 

At the same time, make the most of it and get your car checked by an expert to ensure calculated damage. A pro tip is to get new tyres for your car to prevent the same damage in the future.

Final Verdict!

Whether you’re looking for a car AC repair in Dubai or want to get your car polished, nothing can beat the importance of healthy tyres. Since tyres decide how far your vehicle can go smoothly, you can’t risk its health. Having said so, have you been experiencing any of the above symptoms lately? Don’t delay a visit to an expert repairer any longer. Or, you’ll bear the consequences yourself.