Fix Netgear Router Won’t Connect To Internet

Nowadays, usage of Netgear routers is increasing day by day. They are incredible in their service and extend the existing network at every nook and cranny of the house. By using the Netgear router, people connect the several devices at the same time and enjoy the blazing fast internet speed. But, nowadays somehow people who use Netgear router they facing the Netgear router that won’t connect to the internet issue due to which they are not able to access the Netgear If you are also struggling with the same issue and trying to figure out the solutions to fix it, then you have come to the right place.

In this write up, we cover some common contributing factors that mostly lead to this issue on the router along with useful troubleshooting tips so that you fix the trouble in not time. Read on!

Why Netgear Router won’t Connect Internet?

Temporary Hiccups

Netgear router won’t connect to the internet when it becomes the victim of technical glitches due to over usage.

No Internet Network

There is a possibility that your internet is not working from the ISP side or maybe the internet package limit is over.

Long Distance

The long-distance between the router and router also could be the reason why the router does not connect to the internet.

WiFi Interference

The WiFi interference issue is very common because most of the users are unaware of the placement of the device and they install the router near to home appliance which causes the WiFi interference.

These are the reasons that drag your device to do not connect with the internet. If you want to fix it in no time, then follow the below mentioned hacks.

Fix: Netgear Router won’t Connect to Internet

Reboot the Netgear Router

We start with this hack because it is seen that 7 out of 10 users were able to fix this trouble by performing the reboot process. So, you should also try this may be you will able to fix it.

Moreover, you can also eliminate the temporary hiccups from the device that occurs due to the over usage of router

Follow the highlighted steps carefully:

  • Firstly, turn off the device and remove it into which you plug the device.

  • Thereafter, wait for some time to recover the router.

  • Plug the router back into the electricity source.

Turn on the networking device and access the to ensure the issue is resolved or not. If not, then don’t worry we have more solutions for you that will help you.

Reduce the Distance

Now, you need to inspect the distance between the router and modem because there is a chance that you place your router far away from the modem as a result router face the difficulty to communicate with modem.

So, while checking if you found long distance between the devices, then try to reduce the space between the devices to tackle the issue.

Remove the Wireless Interference

As we mentioned above you can face this issue due to WiFi interference also. So, to remove it from the device you need t keep the following points in mind:

Do not place the router near to the home appliance because electronic devices cause the wireless interference in the device.

Keep the device away from the metal object and try to place the router in center of the house so that it connects easily with the internet network.


Hope above mentioned troubleshooting tips will assist you to fix the internet issues related to Netgear router. However, once the device is connected to the internet properly, then try to update the firmware of the device by accessing the routerlogin net default web address. By doing this you will enhance the performance of the router.