How To Design A Website In Easy Steps

Day by day technology is getting more advanced, it is allowing people to achieve more in several ways. Website designing can also be done with the help of advanced tools. This is one example of how technology lets you do tasks that you think are complicated but in reality, it is quite easy.

To make a website you must know that it should be visually appealing and has to function properly. You do not want a visitor to run back because the website was difficult to operate and had bad-quality visuals.

Furthermore, many people think that only professional web designers can create a website for them. but in reality, anyone can design a website for themselves. However, if you are someone who is looking for how to create a Wikipedia page for your company then this case is different, websites can still work even if they are not created well, but when it comes to creating pages for highly noticeable platforms you should definitely consider a professional’s help.

To add, thanks to website builders anyone can make a website for them. Let’s dig deep into how can you create a website in easy steps.

Set A Goal

Your aim should be crystal clear as to why are you creating a web page and what audience are you going to target. What do you want to achieve and what are your expectations from it? There are many types of websites, decide what type you are going to choose. When the goals are set it is easier for a person to achieve them with proficiency and the outcome is then great.

For instance, many people create websites for:

  • Portfolio website for artists
  • Resume website to attract employees
  • Blog site to write and share content
  • Restaurant website for online deliveries
  • Clothing website for brands
  • Event managemnet websites for organzing event

Choose A Website Builder

If you think you need additional help next thing in l line is to look for website builders. To accomplish those goals you need to have CMS aka website builder, it is a well-known platform that designs your website with amazing eye-catching features. Even if you are not aware of coding, this will help you create, design, and publish in a few steps.

Build A Layout

Now that you logged into the platform of your preference, make a conceptual layout and start from scratch. Map your website design on a piece of paper so that you can check if it matches the requirement. Note down ideas from different websites and take inspiration from them. Check out Pinterest for further inspiration and unique ideas.

Another thing, you can use a built-in template which is already designed previously for people who are not sure about how to design. These templates are designed by professionals so they are quite easy to use.

Claim A Domain

To simply put, a domain name is the identity of your website, people will know about you through the name you will select. Get a simple and unique name so that it is easy to pronounce and search. Online success lies in the well-structured domain name. if you want to be considered professional and original; look for a perfectly customized name.

Choose a name wisely so that it can rank on Google and Yahoo. It is important to get recognized on such search engines because it will increase your notability. To get ranked on such engines you need to follow some rules, that are:

  • Keep the name short
  • The shorter the name is the easier it is for people to spell
  • Avoid unnecessary symbols and characters
  • A little hint of what your web page is about

You can find many domain-creating tools that are easily available on the Internet making the work easier for you. They will suggest a good and attractive name for your website.

Another thing to add, use a correct domain extension such as .com, .net, or .org. there are up to 45 best domain extensions that can be used.  Choose the best possible domain according to your business and location.

Choose The Right Page

Each website has its own uniqueness, visitors when browse your website they would want to see some contemporary sections that they usually explore on any other site. Here are some pages that you should consider adding.

There is one essential thing on your homepage, this is the first thing that your visitors will see is your homepage. Make it organized, clear, and captivating. The front page that is your homepage should tell the people who you are and what is the purpose of the web page.


To sum up, these were steps to make a perfectly organized and followed all the basics of creating a website.