The Ultimate Guide to Cat Toothpaste Why It’s Important and How to Use It

Cat Toothpaste

Choosing the Best Cat Toothpaste: A Comprehensive Review

Who would not want their furry friend to have a perfect set of teeth with a perfect smile? 

I hold a strong opinion that cats make fun of each other in their own meow language. Cats also have felines! You definitely would not want your friend to be made fun of by other cats. What I am trying to talk about is Cat’s toothpaste. Yes, you heard it right. Cat’s toothpaste is a real thing.

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It can come off as a bit weird at first, and you might also be thinking about how to pull off brushing your Cat’s teeth. But it can definitely be made possible with the right attitude. OK, I will stop now.

Choosing the right toothpaste for your Cat can make a huge difference. It can be a defining factor for a healthy and happy relationship between you and your friend. This article will tell you everything there is to know about Cat’s toothpaste and cleaning your Cat’s teeth.

Top 5 Cat Toothpaste Brands: Our Picks for a Healthy Feline Smile:

One should choose from the best brands out there when it comes to taking care of your Cat’s hygiene as you would choose for yourself. It can be a bit time-consuming; therefore, we have listed below some of the best brands for Cat’s toothpaste that will not only save your feline friend from plaque and bad breath as well as feline dental issues, but some even offer malt or poultry flavor that you might not like, but your friend will definitely love.  

  1. Hatch wells puppy/kitten Toothpaste Starter Kit – It comes with a gentle toothbrush for their delicate gums with a meat-flavored toothpaste that your Cat will fall in love with.
  2. Logic Oral Hygiene Gel – Logic Oral Hygiene Gel contains a surfactant to ensure that all the active ingredients in the gel remain in contact with the gums and teeth of your Cat to help break down the plaques in their mouth.
  3. Animi go Toothpaste – this toothpaste contains seaweed which is perfect for dealing with the build-up of plaque and tartar and fighting the bad breath in your Cat’s mouth.
  4. Dorwest Roast Dinner Flavor Toothpaste – Your Cat will not only love this toothpaste due to its roast dinner flavor, but it also contains sage oil that will help in whitening teeth.
  5. Johnson’s Veterinary Beef Triple Action Toothpaste for Cats – This triple-action toothpaste includes parsley oil as a breath freshener. It will not only clean the teeth of your cats but will also protect their gums from tartar and plaque.

3: The Benefits of Using Cat Toothpaste for Your Pet’s Dental Health:

Cat’s mouth is as vulnerable to gum diseases and tooth decay as us humans. Taking care of your Cat’s teeth hygiene can be a big contributing factor in adding YEARS to your friend’s life. Brushing their teeth helps in getting rid of plaque. Not taking care of it properly and letting it sit in their mouth can lead to tartar which can cause gingivitis as well as severe periodontal diseases by getting underneath their gum line.

Cats are your cute little feline friend, and no human would like to see them in pain. Using Cat’s toothpaste can prevent you from going through the phase of seeing your Cat in pain. As the saying goes, ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’. Brushing their teeth at least once or twice a week can reduce the chance of going towards professional dental care. This way, your furry friend might never have to go through the pain of anesthesia, oral surgeries as well as tooth extraction.

4: Tips and Tricks for Introducing Your Cat to Toothpaste and Toothbrush:

It can be a painful task to brush your Cat’s teeth if they are not already used to it. Getting your sweet little furball familiar with toothpaste as well as toothbrush requires time and patience from your side. But don’t worry. If you follow these five easy steps, your feline friend will get the hang of it in no time.

  1. The first step is obvious, as well as the most important, which is to get the right toothpaste as well as a toothbrush for your Cat.
  2. Dip your finger in tuna juice or whatever your Cat’s favorite treat is and then rub it along their teeth to get them familiar with the feeling of a toothbrush in your mouth.
  3. Hold your Cat in such a way that its face is away from you. Gently tilt their head upwards. Now pull their top lip, and voila! You have access to their teeth.
  4. Brush their teeth and gums slowly, gently, and in circular strokes. Ideally, you should give 30 seconds to each side but work your way up gradually. Do not overwhelm your Cat.
  5. Give treats after every brushing session, no matter how it went, so that they have something to look forward to afterward.

5: Cat Toothpaste vs Human Toothpaste: Why You Shouldn’t Use the Same Toothpaste for Your Cat:

There might be some ingredients in your toothpaste that can harm your furry friend if swallowed. Some of the ingredients in human toothpaste can even lead to the death of your Cat.

The ingredients that one should be aware of while purchasing Cat’s toothpaste are:

  1. Fluoride – Although it is a key ingredient in our toothpaste, it is highly toxic for your furball.
  2. Xylitol This chemical is used in human toothpaste as a sweetener, but it can be deadly for your pet.
  3. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Baking Soda these chemicals can be the cause of stomach problems for your Cat.

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6: Frequently Asked Questions about Cat Toothpaste and Dental Care:

What is The Need for Cat’s Toothpaste?

Similar to humans, tartar and plaque can also get accumulated in your Cat’s teeth, and they need assistance in this case as they cannot take care of their dental issues themselves.

Can I Brush My Cat’s Teeth at Home?

Yes. Most people do not realize it, but it is really important to brush your feline friend’s teeth at home as it can prevent dental issues in the long run. If not daily, their teeth must be brushed at least once or twice a week.

Can Normal Human Toothpaste Be Used on Cats?

Never ever make the mistake of using your toothpaste on your Cat. You don’t want to regret brushing your Cat’s teeth ever. There are ingredients in human toothpaste that can be harmful to your pets.

How Often Should You Brush Your Cat’s Teeth with Toothpaste?

Ideally, your Cat’s teeth must be cleaned daily as not doing it can lead to your sweet little furball having a not-so-pleasant breath as well as stickiness in their teeth due to plaque. But as for some people, it might not be cough – possible – cough, so one should brush their Cat’s teeth at least thrice a week.

Moreover, professional dental check-ups are as important for your furry friend as they are for you, so you should not ignore them as well. But if you take care of your Cat’s teeth from the beginning, it will save you a lot of money from a vet’s visit.