Don’t Risk It: Wear Pentax Safety Glasses

Pentax prescription safety-glasses

Every year, US businesses spend over 900 million dollars on worker eye injuries, with 60% of affected workers not using safety glasses at all, regardless of workplace environmental risks and safety standards. There are plenty of statistics on workplace eye protection and safety rules to avoid these work-related injuries, but what about those who work from home? There are many activities we engage in during our everyday cleaning, maintenance, and hobbies that pose a surprising level of risk to our eyes, but few of us have Pentax products like the Pentax zt100 and Pentax zt200, let alone remember to wear them when doing tasks.

Many people believe that they do not need to wear safety glasses at home. After all, activities are often low-key, and you’ve likely not heard of someone blinding themselves while performing routine domestic tasks. Even people who are aware that some activities may be dangerous believe that because they use prescription eyewear, they are just as safe as wearing a true pair of safety glasses, yet this is possibly the most dangerous mistake regarding safety glasses in modern times. If you wear prescription glasses, you should wear prescription safety glasses while working at the house, and this is the best thing you can do for yourself and your eye safety.

Of course, if you’re unsure when you should use your Pentax zt100 safety frames at home, here’s a quick rundown of the domestic duties that would benefit from them.

Yard Work

Landscaping is another job where eye injuries are widespread, as there are several chances to get smacked in the eyes with plant waste, mud, and even small pebbles. Naturally, if you enjoy the DIY lifestyle, and gardening or are just committed to caring for your lawn, you should use Pentax zt200 safety frames if use corrective lenses. While replanting your begonias should be perfectly safe, you must perform any serious garden job involving powered tools with proper eye protection.

DIY Tasks

People are undertaking DIIER more than ever before, thanks to online tutorials. After all, why hire a construction contractor, plumber, and electrician when you may be able to construct or fix anything yourself for free? However, there is one thing you should know before taking on usually professional tasks: 40% of all on-the-job eye injuries occur in the service industry, which includes appliance repair, electricians, mechanics, plumbers, and other occupations. If professionals can still injure themselves, you have numerous reasons to be cautious while performing unprofessional DIY tasks at home.

Carpentry releases wood chips into the air, the building frequently entails the possibility of objects falling on you or becoming loose, and even plumbing can result in debris-filled water. When working with electricity, there’s also the issue of sparks, and your eyes need protection from it. Wear 3m zt100 safety glasses for all tasks no matter what type of DIY projects you’re working on.

Use of Cleaning Chemicals

The chemicals you used to clean at home are shockingly potent, frequently far more powerful than anything you experimented with in science class in high school. Bleach, ammonia, and even fabric softener can be quite deadly if accidentally spilled into your eyes, especially if you don’t quickly wash them. Sadly, no one considers this risk when beginning their regular cleaning routine. Nothing appears safer to most people than a few quiet domestic tasks that don’t include sharp objects, and it’s all too easy to overlook the caustic nature of chemicals. The chemicals you use to clean at home are frequently quite potent. Many accidents occur because people believe that accidents occur solely to other people, but you never know when you’ll slip. So, you always need a pair of high-quality safety glasses for eye safety.

Playing Games

Safety glasses are considered for working,’ either officially at work or casually at home. However, if you have recreational activities, it does not mean that you don’t need eye protection. Many sports, such as paintball, baseball, hockey, and fencing, use projectiles and equipment that are capable of striking someone in your eyes with unintentional collision. Eye injuries occur all the time in sports, from professional to youth, mainly because no one on the pitch is wearing safety glasses. Fortunately, safety-rated glasses are available in elegant styles, allowing you to look cool on the pitch while protecting your eyes.

If you value your eyesight and the protection of your eyes, you should buy 3m safety glasses zt200 for household tasks as well as occupational responsibilities.